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MAGNETIC BODY STRAP DELUXE Magnetic Support Straps, Knee, Elbow, Wrist, Ankles NOTE* Order magnets separately with this product.

  • Simple easy to use body supports containing fully vinyl sealed removable 3000 gauss Rare Earth Magnets. Supports can be purchased individually making it possible to interchange your magnets into different sized straps for the whole family to use. Made from stretchable neoprene and fastened with Genuine Velcro Brand Hook and loop fastener.
  • May assist in relieving conditions such as Swollen ankles, Achilles Tendon, Sore aching ankles and feet, plantar fasciitis, poor ciculation, arthritis pains etc.
  • May assist in supporting the muscle related to tendonitis, and helping the healing process.
  • Use as a patella support during sport! May also assist in relieving pain from arthritis, cartlidge issues, and painful knees.
  • May assist in relieving stiff necks, headaches, arthritis, fybromyalgia etc.
  • May assist in relieving carpal tunnel, sprained and  sore wrists including arthritis, and trigger finger.
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Product Description

The Magnetic Body Strap

NOTE: Magnets are to be ordered separately, please CLICK HERE.

The Magnetic Attraction “Magnetic Body Strap” is a uniquely designed strap which enables you to choose the strength and size of your magnet, and decide how many you would like to insert. As we have designed the product with a color coded magnet, you can apply the magnet to the polarity that suits your body. NOTE: Magnets are to be ordered separately, please see below.


The Sizes on the straps are from end to end, please measure yourself and add approx 8cm for overlap onto the VELCRO® brand hook and loop. Eg. If you knee measures 35cm, you would need the 41cm strap. The strap is made from Neoprene which naturally has a stretch, so there will be some allowance for fastening.

The Body Strap is made from neoprene and original "VELCRO® brand Hook and Loop", is color coded into sizes, and has been designed with several pockets in which to secure your removable magnet. Simply place your “Body Strap” on the area that needs relief, point to the area of the most discomfort,  then remove the strap and place the magnet into the corresponding pocket. Our unique design has a small overlap on the inside of the pocket, similar to a pillow slip, enabling you to tuck your magnets in securely.

NOTE:  The straps are worn with the black side of the Neoprene facing outwards and the pockets facing the body.

The removable magnets are also color coded and vinyl sealed -  Green -North (alkaline) and Red -South (acidic). Mostly it is suggested that you place the magnet with the green side facing your body, as acidity is a major cause of dis-ease and discomfort.

Powerful 3,000 gauss, permanent Rare Earth magnets are available separately letting you decide the level of relief required. The magnets are also designed to use in the “Duo Waterblock”. (see the benefits of drinking North Polarized Magnetic water – Alkaline water)

The Magnetic Attraction Body Strap has been designed for use on:

  • Ankle – Foot problems, ankle soreness, achilles tendon, sprains, leg cramps
  • Knee - Use as a patella support. Can also be wrapped in a figure 8 around your hand as a support and to treat the top of the hand or the thumb joint.
  • Wrist - Carpal tunnel syndrome, RSI,. Arthritis, Tendonitis, Sprains, Tingling etc
  • Elbow - Tennis Elbow/Golfers elbow.
  • Thigh - Sports injuries
  • Neck - Neck/ headaches etc
  • Waist - Lower back, period discomfort, sciatica etc.
Make sure that the black side of the neoprene is facing outwards and the pockets are facing the body, this will ensure the correct closure. 

NOTE: ..........................................................................................................................................................
When ordering body straps, it is necessary to order the Vinyl sealed Rare Earth Magnets for the strap. Two sizes are available 25 x5mm or 12x5mm (2 per pack). Normally, children and slightly built people would suit the 12 x 5mm as they are smaller in size, the 25 x 5mm also fits into the DUO WATER BLOCK.

NOTE: For KNEE Straps (Red and Green inside color) . . . . . . . .   2 x 25x5mm magnets would be more beneficial, due to the bone mass in the knee area 

Should you require a special size strap made up, this can be arranged for you. Please feel free to phone or email us to discuss your needs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Persons who are fitted with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin pumps or other electro-medical devices should not use magnetic products. Magnets should always be kept at least 4-20 inches (10cm -50cm) away from computer hard drives. Also do not store magnets near any products with a battery, ie mobile phones OR your credit cards.

PREGNANCY: Due to the fact that no research has been done on the effect of magnetic products during pregnancy, we advise women not to use magnetic therapy until after the birth.

Always check with your health professional if ever in doubt.



Warranty Information

We are so sure that you will be happy with our products that we offer a Full 90 day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

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Product Reviews

  1. Magnetic Straps worked very well.

    Posted by Sylvia - Tasmania on 16th May 2016

    Hi Gerardine,
    "I have been an extremely happy repeat customer of Magnetic Attraction for many years, and continue to be impressed with the many products I have acquired over time.
    In 2010 I had two falls which caused serious damage to my back and shoulders. I deliberately chose not to have any 'standard' medical treatment, but to use only treatments that were 100% drug-free.
    Although I do not suffer from arthritis, I have used magnets since 1998 for various aches and pains due to sprains, sport, etc. They worked a treat!
    The pain from those falls were such that I had to sleep sitting up on a chair. I did not take any analgesics, and only used magnets. The pain very gradually subsided, and on the fourth day I could sleep on a recliner. It took 11 months for my back to fully heal - and I stayed drug-free.
    I have recommended magnetic therapy to many colleagues, both arthritic and non-arthritic, all with positive results. Those who combined magnets with other medical treatments found that, after a week or so, they no longer needed the prescribed (or OTC) pain killers. One colleague even recommended magnets to his orthopedic surgeon, who actually bought a pair of knee straps and was very happy with them!
    Magnets have been in use in Ancient Egypt, Greece, Japan and China.
    Modern science has as yet been unable to explain exactly how magnets heal.
    My personal view is that magnets improve circulation, and thereby help accelerate the body's own healing process. This is based on my own experience using magnets, and from having studied natural therapies.
    I would highly recommend magnets to anyone who is suffering from aches or pains or lack of circulation, however caused.
    It is important to ensure that the magnets are of good quality and are correct for the human body.
    Magnetic Attraction have consistently provided me with products of the highest quality that last for years.
    Above all, please keep an open mind!

    Thank you, Magnetic Attraction, for making those incredibly effective magnets available."

    Thanks, Gerardine!


  2. These Magnets work for me

    Posted by Bernadette Rosebud on 4th Jan 2016

    I use a Magnetic Body Strap on my leg, Magnetic Therapy clips on my back, Magnetic Easy Strap on my wrist and a magnetic tube ring on my finger.
    All of these help considerably. I know it`s proven magnets increase the blood flow. Quality magnets more so and this helps my severe pain and I have eased off my medication.

    If anyone is in pain I suggest they give it a go

  3. Absolutely Amazing for Neuropathy Pain Relief

    Posted by Jacqui - Victoria on 19th Mar 2014

    I am a 25 year old female with neuropathy in my feet due to diabetic complications.
    I found out about these Magnetic Attraction products through a friend showing me at the berwick market, and he said it was one of the best products he has ever used.

    So i brought one and i havent taken it off since. I am usually on the maximum amount of multiple painkillers a day, and since the first day I am now on very little, so after two weeks of just having one strap on one ankle, I decided to goto the Mornington Market and buy another one for the other foot. I permanately wear one on each foot, and I could rave on and on about these straps and how great they are, and the benefits of them but they speak for themselves. Gerry is amazing, she has been so helpfu land knowledgable towards my situation thanks Gerry!

  4. Magnetic Strap helped my Fractured Elbow

    Posted by Els can Wisse - Narre Warren on 15th Feb 2014

    I recently stumbled and fractured my elbow, and was in a lot of pain but would not take drugs. As faith would have it, I went to the Berwick market, where I met Gerardine the founder of Magnetic Attraction. We started to talk and she soon worked out that I was in a lot of pain. Gerardine put a magnetic Easy Strap on my wrist as we were talking. After a short time I realised that the magnets were giving me relief, I was in much less pain than 15 minutes prior. I was so happy, I bought the strap and gave her a big hug to thank her. The Truth is "Magnetic Attraction" products work! No Drugs, I am so happy.

    Thank you so much Gerardine


    Posted by Elizabeth on 6th Aug 2011

    I suffer from haemochromotosis a condition in which the body stores an excess amount of iron which is then deposited on joints which leads to increased incidence of arthritis. You name a joint, I can guarantee mine is swamped with the debilitating condition to varying degrees. After undergoing two lower spinal fusions, I could not sit in any chair for much longer than 30 mins without suffering debilitating pain. My right thumb I was ready to cut off with the nearest knife at hand.

    My daughter, gave me a Magnetic wrist strap and a magnetic clip. The wrist strap I only remove to shower, the clip is almost permanently attached to the back of my knickers. I can hardly believe the result - for the first time in, I don't know how many years, i am free of pain Am looking forward to my new neck wrap. Bring it on!!

    thank you Elizabeth

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