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Magnetic Dog/Cat Mat - 12,800 Core Gauss - 1900 surface gauss - NORTH Field

  • Magnetic Dog Mat
  • Cat on Magnetic Mat
  • Magnetic Pet Mat
  • Magnetic Dog Mat
  • Magnetic Dog Mats, can be used on existing beds, adjusted to fit onto metal Dog Beds.
Available in a variety of Fabrics. Made to order to your requirements.
  • Custom Made Single Mattress size, Magnetic Pet Underlay with Elastics.
  • Nala and Jenna on their Magnetic Mats
  • Kobe on Magnetic Pet Mat and collar
  • Nala on her Magnetic mat
  • Koda, loving his new Magnetic Pet Mat
  • Removable straps to tie mat to Metal Dog Bed Frames.
  • Magnetic Pet Mat
Red Paw Print Pattern Polar Fleece, Warm and Snuggly
  • Magnetic Pet Mat
Colourful stripes Pattern Polar Fleece, Warm and Snuggly
  • Brown Paw Print Pattern Polar Fleece, Warm and Snuggly
  • Grey Leopard Skin Pattern Polar Fleece, Warm and snuggly.
  • Tan Leopard Skin Pattern Polar Fleece, Warm and Snuggly
  • Waterproof Material for incontinent animals
  • Heavy 14gram denim (Jeans quality) - Very Robust. Great for warmer climates.
  • Image 19
Price (AUD):
PetU/L 0006
750.00 Grams
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Product Description

Pet Bed Underlays for Dogs and Cats

Individually hand made in Belgrave, Australia by Magnetic Attraction.

 Magnetic Pet Underlays may help relieve

  • Arthritic pains
  • Cruciate Ligament issues
  • Sprains
  • General injuries
  • Post surgery recovery
  • Hair loss
  • Minimisation of ear mite  and other parasites such as flees
  • General well being
  • Oxygenation
  • Improved Immune System
  • Joint pains
  • Hip pains
  • Apetite
  • Vitality increase

Quantity of Magnets in Each Size

Small = 18 magnets x 1.5mmx10mm

Medium = 25 magnets  12mmx2mm

Large = 30 magnets  12mmx2mm

Extra Large = 35 magnets  12mmx2mm


Magnetic Attraction pet Pet Underlays are designed with the NORTH field (Alkaline) of the magnet facing the pet, this field is a natural anti-inflammatory which may assist in combatting joint pains.

The feedback from our clients using the magnetic beds, underlays and collars are amazing. Often comments are made that the animal seems to have a new lease on life! Others have written to us telling us about the remarkable recovery of injuries and increased mobility. We are continually amazed at the feedback we receive!

 Many VETS are now recommedning that pet owners try the magnetic therapy (bed, collars and magnetic water) to assist pets in their healing processes.

The Greyhound Industry have had enormous success with injured dogs winning races after being on the Magnetic Attraction magnetic bed/Pet Underlay

We have produced our Magnetic Pet Underlay with high quality materials, Powerful Rare Earth permanent magnets and finish them off by beautifully binding all the edges.

To make sure that you place the correct side of the magnet facing the animal, we have used 2 different materials which are different colors, so you can recognise the correct side to have facing upwards.

The Magnetic Underlays are washable and can be easily used in the car, on the bed, couch, kennel or in their existing pet bed.

We have various materials available ranging from Polarfleece, denim, Waterproof Material. (Other Materials coming soon)

The underside is made using a heavy duty drill cotton The colours may vary from time to time depending on the availability of the material at the time.

 1990 Surface Gauss  12,800 Core Gauss Rare Earth Magnets all facing True NORTH (alkaline field) to the body.

We can custom make the Magnetic Underlays to your requirements, please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your needs.



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Product Reviews

  1. Magnetic Dog Mat

    Posted by Cristina - Southern California USA on 26th Jul 2019

    Hi, Gerry. Just want to tell you how much Spikey is enjoying his doggie "Magnetic" Blanket.
    He loves it and at the same time he benefits from it Big Time.

  2. Magnetic Dog collar and Mat worked within ONE DAY

    Posted by Tanya Chester on 26th Aug 2017

    Hi Gerry
    Kobe was in a bad way and starting to moan and whimper at night...
    I was ready to try anything....
    The magnetic mat and collar has made such an amazing improvement I am in shock...
    He is 15 and geriatric... Slow to struggle to feet... Losing control of bladder and back legs.. Going into the splits while standing... So slow... Wanting to lie down most of the day.. Too scared to use stairs as he would fall up and down them... Couldn't run any more

    First morning after a night on the mat...
    I couldn't believe he sprinted 40 metres down to the gate eager for a walk!
    We have had only one wee accident in house in 5 days.. Instead of 2 a day
    Today I was hanging out washing and he came down the back stairs and out into the back lane and took himself for a walk and came back 10 mins later.. Up the stairs and back inside... This is a dog who is mostly blind and afraid to go off on his own...and it's not been a week on the mat.
    He was on skid row last week and this week I feel confident we have a lot more time left...
    The mat is well made and attractive...and great that it goes over his existing bed.

    I have attached a few short videos of him running which he has been doing for the past 5 mornings... 3 bursts of about 30 metres... That's his record...!

    And a big thank you

  3. Magnetic Pet Collar/Magnetic Pet Mat helped in ONE Day

    Posted by Tanya - New Brighton NSW on 13th Aug 2017

    Hi Gerardine

    Just a quick note that the products arrived yesterday. Thank you

    Our decrepit 15 year old Kobe who was dragging himself to even stand up after lying down and who could only shuffle slowly at a painful snail pace has had a ridiculously good reaction to spending just one night on his new mat.

    He stood to attention this morning with great ease
    ...I took him outside for a pee after which he streaked past me across the yard to the gate excited to go for a walk...about 40 metres! It's been weeks since he has run.

    This afternoon when I got home...I took him down the lane and not once but thee times spontaneously ran for 20 metres....

    My husband doesn't believe me....also he seems to have more control of his bladder...no accidents today or last night....the dog I mean!!

    Have you heard of such a quick improvement?

    Thanks again for your help

    Cheers Tanja

  4. Magnetic Pet Mat has improved my dogs mobility

    Posted by Lynne - NSW on 4th Dec 2015

    Grace adores her custom made Magnetic Pet Underlay.

    She now spends more time on it than on my couch! After only one week, she seems to be moving a lot more freely after sleeping on it.

    The extra magnets in the middle were a good idea as this is where she curls up.

    Regards Lynne.

  5. Magnetic Pet Collar/Magnetic Pet Mat are unbelievable!

    Posted by Jamie on 9th Sep 2015

    Picked up my parcel on Monday afternoon and put the dog
    collars on around 5pm and by 6pm virtually all the scratching had
    stopped. If you only knew what I've been through with their
    constantly itching skin. For seven years I've tried absolutely
    EVERYTHING and nothing has ever worked and now is suddenly over,
    it's almost unbelievable.

    The mat is in continual use as one pet gets off another quickly
    takes it's place and the cats stretch out so fully on it that it
    looks like they've got half way through a stretch and just stayed
    that way! My 18 year old cat who was has been feeling so poorly
    all winter that she's hardly moved actually took a couple of swings
    at the younger cat yesterday, haven't seen her feisty side for some
    time so she's obviously feeling better.

    And last but not least my partner arrived that evening with very
    sore arms and legs from breaking rocks all day so I put my knee
    band around the bicep of his sorest arm and within about 1/2 hour
    his whole body was no longer hurting and he's now claimed that band
    as his own so I'll be placing yet another order shortly!

    I know must have you heard all this before but I'm just so grateful
    I needed to do a bit of gushing!

    thanks so much,


  6. We saw Huge difference in our dog after wearing the magnetic products

    Posted by Jaida on 21st Aug 2015

    "We can't recommend magnetic therapy enough!!! It has been the most effective therapy by far - we have spent about 12k since
    nov/dec last year with testing & different specialists/vets/therapies with still no diagnosis! No one could explain why or how this was happening & after less than a week of her wearing her magnets we could see a huge difference in her movement & general mood... Def contact Gerardine Robinson at Magnetic Attraction - she hand makes everything & only uses super premium magnets/materials. She does all kinds of different straps, dog beds, dog coats etc - n is more than happy to work out a custom order to get the best results for u

  7. Magnetic Pet Mat worked wonder for my cats

    Posted by Evan McGaughey - Mornington on 29th Apr 2015

    I have two cats. Both cats are 15 years old and have been taken care of very well. They are both inside cats. Both cats have issues with arthritis in their leg joints. One walks stiff legged and the other can not jump up very high. I got the magnetic blanket, $55.00 size and within three days one cat was walking regular. I went back and got a blanket for the other cat and within days he was doing his old jumps easy. It was such a drastic change it was hard to believe. I now have three blankets in their favorite spots and they are even playing more now after just three weeks of use. I am very thankful for the find.

  8. Magnetic Dog Mat and Magnetic collar

    Posted by Angela Spackman on 7th Apr 2015

    Our German Shepherd is about 8 years old and early on had a couple of injuries to her back and hips which is now causing her stiffness and pain. I ordered the magnetic dog collar and after a lovely conversation with Gerardine I decided to order a magnetic dog mat also.

    Two days prior to receiving the order in the mail, our dog was superiorly arched in her back and when we touched her she whimpered and pulled away in pain. We were considering taking her to the vet for a course of treatment for arthritis. I decided to wait until we received the mat & collar. As soon as I received the package I immediately set the mat and collar to use, it was about mid afternoon and by the evening she was more relaxed, the arch had gone from her back and she was moving more freely.

    It's been almost 2 weeks and she has improved more each day and is now getting up quickly when we call her and moving so much easier. I tie the mat onto her metal frame Coolaroo bed and at night I can easily untie it and put it inside for her.
    Gerardine made the mat to fit and the quality is outstanding, the dog collar is sturdy and well made also and I can't believe the incredible difference it has made to our dog.

    I can even see the pained look has gone from her eyes and she loves laying on the mat.
    Thanks a million, these magnetic products are superior and I highly recommend them.

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