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Magnetic Dog collar

  • Magnetic Dog collar - Zac
  • Eliza The Dalmation with her Magnetic Dog collar
  • Custom Made Magnetic Leather collar with press studs made expecially for Meila
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  • Jackson is a beautifu Rescue dog, and his friend Tess the 14 year old whippet, both having great success with their Magnetic Attraction Magnetic Dog Collars.
  • Magnetic Dog Collar
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Product Description

Magnetic Attraction Pet Collars

Many VETS recommend the use of magnetic products for animals with ailments.

May assist animals with Arthritis, joint problems, poor appetite. Fleas and mite just hate the magnets, so they stay away from a pet wearing a magnetic collar or sleeping on the magnetic pet beds.

We have found that our dogs and cats prefer to drink the North polarised (alkaline) magnetic water, we have 2 containers of water, one with the magnetised water and one without, the magnetised water is always used first, so we are confident that our animals prefer to drink it.

The Magnetic Attraction pet collar has been produced using the best quality materials. High powered rare earth permanent magnets have been placed in the collar making sure that the NORTH (Alkaline) side of the magnet is facing your animal.

The magnetic collar can be used as a normal collar, it has a strong buckle with a metal D ring for attaching your walking lead. It is fully adjustable and comes in 4 sizes from extra small to Large and we have colors ranging from Black, Dark Green, Royal Blue, Red, Purple, yellow and for the trendy pet....... Hot Flouro Pink!



Extra Small
 26cm-39cm webbing width =12mm Typical Dogs Toy Poodle, chiwawa, Also CATS
 31cm-46 cm webbing width = 15mm Typical dog breeds: Jack Russell, Miniature Poodle, Bichon
 38cm-56cm webbing width = 20mm Typical dog breeds: Labrador, Retriever, Setter, Cocker Spaniel 
 49cm-76cm webbing width = 25mm Typical dog breeds: Large Labrador, German Shepherd, Great Dane

If you would like the collar to be a little wider than X Small with larger magnets, please order a SMALL and let us know the size of the neck and we will adjust it for you.
Similar option for the large collar, some people may like a wider collar but a little smaller in length Order the Large and advise the size of the neck.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Norwich Terriers with Arthritis

    Posted by Larry in Sydney on 5th May 2015

    I came across this site looking for magnetic dog collars as one of our Norwich Terriers is getting older and somewhat arthritic. I purchased collars for both dogs and both have had a new lease of life from the use of them, so on that basis I came back here for a set of wrist magnets to replace the failing Nikken ones.

    Well what more can I say - they are superbly manufactured, work very well for pain relief and with sinus issues, and seem to be the goods as far as standing up to the rigours of daily use. I highly recommend them for anyone interested in magnet therapy!

  2. Magnetic Collar improves mobility for dog

    Posted by Angela Spackman on 7th Apr 2015

    I ordered a magnetic dog collar from Gerardine and she called me to have a chat and make sure I had the right product for what I was seeking relief for (excellent customer service!). I decided to order a pet mat also which had not been put on the website at that time but after discussing our dog's problems I decided the collar and mat were good options together.

    Two days prior to receiving the items our German Shepherd was in a lot of pain, her back was arched and when we touched her she whimpered and pulled away in pain. She was struggling getting up from a laying position and clearly showed pain in her eyes. We considered taking her to the vet for treatment but I chose to wait for the order to arrive and give that a go first.
    I quickly set both products to work, on with the collar and down with the mat on her bed.
    It was the afternoon when I applied the products and by the evening she was more relaxed and the arch had gone from her back. Each day since, she has improved in mobility, getting up easily and seems much happier. It's a relief to see her comfortable again and not in distressing pain.
    Thank you for an amazingly effective product which will continue to work it's magic for our much loved dog!

  3. Old Dog has new lease on life with Magnetised Collar

    Posted by Teresa Soanes on 27th Jan 2015


    Just wanted to say how pleased we are with the collars. Schultzi seems to be pain free and is acting more like a puppy than the old boy (13) he is. So with this and old fashioned cod liver oil we have managed to restore him and his younger brother Rommel to good health.

    Best regards,

    Teresa Soanes

  4. Magnetic Dog collars given my Lab a New lease on life!

    Posted by Noel and Janet on 19th Dec 2014

    Hi Gerardine, thanks for getting the collars to us so quick. We have had an amazing result already. I spoke to you about our Chocolate Labrador – Kadbry always being stressed of recent times, she is looking a lot less stressed and not panting all the time when it is cool like now, it is so much better for her and us. Just to even look at her face she just looks different.

    She also had been on maloxicam for some months as she was sore somewhere, around her neck area we thought, we had her down to a very low dose of that drug but she had to go off it 3 wks ago as she needed an injection for a skin allergy she gets at this time of year, she was due to start her maloxicam again but we put the collar on her and she is leaping up in the air into her little swimming pool and has become really playful again, basically doing things she has not done for quite some time.

    Millie (our cream lab) also has hers on, she gets a sore front leg, as of yet we have not seen her limping since the collar.

    The day we got them we put them on that night just before they went to bed – bout 9pm and we notice the change as soon as they got out of bed the next morning around 8 am, it was particular noticeable with Kadbry and her stress levels. In all honesty we did not know what we were going to do because all the calming medication – natural and vet, had not done anything for her and it was just so distressing.

    We cannot thank you enough, you have given us our old Kadbry back who now seems to be having fun and enjoying life,it is as if we have gone back in time with her.

    We will get their kennel measured up and send you the measurements for a quote on an underlay for their bed, I am fairly sure we will be ordering one – we just need to get over xmas as my husband is only on a disability pension – we don’t really care how much it costs if it works – they are our babies and very special.

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou .

    Noel and Janet

  5. Magnetic Dog Collars Work!

    Posted by Sue Muirhead - Langwarren on 6th Oct 2014

    I have been using these products for over ten years and just recently got a dog collar for our 14year old Boxer cross. She has been suffering stiffness especially in the mornings for some years now and was loathe to run far or play with other dogs. After a week or so of wearing the magnetic collar she was visibly less stiff and now outruns many of the younger dogs which visit us daily. Even our friends comment on how much energy she now has.

    I can highly recommend these dog collars as well as the body straps. They are in frequent use for ankles & wrists in my household. Keep up the good products!

  6. Magnetic Dog Collars is great

    Posted by Chantel on 19th Jul 2014

    The Magnetic Dog Collar is doing great Roxy our Rotty is moving very well and not on any medication.

  7. Magnetic Dog Collar

    Posted by Tracey on 10th Jun 2014

    My girl has benefited from her magnetic collar for about 4 years now, I totally recommend this as I've seen the benefits, thank you

  8. Less stressed with Magnetic Dog Collar

    Posted by Karen on 30th Mar 2014

    I purchased a magnetic dog collar for my mini dachshund who is very anxious and in her old age has early signs of arthritis. We had recently moved and she appeared more stressed and unsettled but since I purchased the magnetic collar she seems more settled and calm. I hope that it will also help the arthritis but I cannot tell as she shows no physical signs. However I am so impressed with the collar I have bought one for my other dog and am hoping it will help him with his general week being as we'll.

  9. Remarkable Improvement on Prolapsed Disk

    Posted by John and Debbie on 8th May 2013

    Our seven year old Miniature Schnauzer suffered prolapsed disk issues in his lower back and the pain could only be controlled by medication and by limiting his physical activity- not really ideal.

    While buying a magnetic bracelet for my wife, we noticed Gerardine had magnetic dog collars on offer.

    Desperate to make our dog's life better, we decided to get one for him. Within a week we were able to wean him off the medication and he now shows no indications of pain.

    We need to be careful with him still and don't let him jump from heights and we lift into the car but we are convinced that his magnetic dog collar has improved his quality of life out of sight.

    If you have a dog with similar problems, trying one of these will certainly not hurt - give it a go!

    John and Debbie

  10. Restored Mobility with Magnetic Dog Collar

    Posted by Belinda Warfield - Cairns 5th Feb 2013 on 5th Feb 2013

    My dog Savannah has had a crucial Ligament replacement and has since recovered from the surgery . Unfortunately her other leg had weakness
    and she has had difficulties sitting and lying down without discomfort and pain. My vet mentioned trying the magnetic collar and said it may help .
    It is now over a fortnight and i have watched her mobility, agility improve where her sitting and lying down is done smoothly. She appears happier
    and her walking, trotting there is now, no sign of a definite limp prior to the collar. I will happily promote this excellent product!!

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