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Magnetic Plantar Fasciitis Strap

  • Magnetic Plantar Fasciitis Strap
Slimline, Neoprene with VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop Closure
Containing Rare Earth Magnets
  • Magnetic Plantar Fasciitis Strap
Slimline, Neoprene with VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop Closure
Containing Rare Earth Magnets
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Product Description

Magnetic Plantar Fasciitis Strap

I have personally suffered with this condition and know the discomfort and pain that this condition causes,  

Designed as a slim line strap that can be worn with your shoes on or off.

Made from a soft Neoprene material and a VELCRO® brand hook and loop closure. This strap can also be used around the ankle.

3 Powerful Rare Earth Magnets which are 1800 gauss each have been placed strategically so that the magnets are in the correct position under your foot

Each magnet has been sewn into place using only the NORTH (Alklaine) side o the magnet facing your body, which may help to reduce the acidity around the area as well as assisting with pain.

Instructions for use:  Make sure that the Black color is facing outwards which will ensure that the magnets are facing the correct way.


NOTE: If you have severe Plantar Faciitis, you can use the Magnetic EASY Strap to wrap around your foot whilst you are alseep or at home.

This strap has stronger magnets and some people use the stronger one at night and at home an then wear the Plantar strap which is more slimline in their shoes during the day.


Plantar Fasciitis symptoms and signs?

• Plantar fasciitis causes pain and tenderness of the bottom of the foot.

• The tenderness is usually toward the heel, but the entire sole of the foot can be affected.

• A sign of abnormal tension or tightness that can lead to plantar fasciitis is a bony prominence (heel spur)

that develops where the inflamed plantar fascia attaches to the heel bone (calcaneus).

• Plantar fasciitis can make walking and running difficult.

• It can make the foot feel particularly stiff and sensitive in the morning or when rising after sitting or getting out of a car.

• Plantar fasciitis makes it difficult to walk barefoot on hard surfaces.

• Sometimes the bottom of the foot can feel warm, swollen, and tender.

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Product Reviews

  1. Plantar Faciitis pain.....GONE!

    Posted by Annabele - Melbourne on 21st Dec 2018

    I have been using the magnetic straps for over a month for my plantar fasciitis. I am impressed by the fabulous improvement. I don’t have any more pain!
    I am also very satisfied that Gerardine is selling products which she is well versed on. She was able to explain to me how the straps work and how.
    I have found her friendly, very approachable and kInd. Thank you Gerardine.

  2. Plantar Fasciitis Relief

    Posted by Vincent Sukkel - vic on 5th Dec 2017

    For years I have suffered from pain full Plantar Fasciitis. I have spent $ upon $ buying insoles for my shoes. I have had 3 quarter zone injections that last for 6 months.Lots of $ again.
    While visiting the Berwick markets we came across this Gerardine and her Magnetic stall. As sceptical as I am I was prepared to try almost anything. So I brought this $25 magnetic strap and wore it for 3 months solid.
    Within the first week the pain in my foot was reduced by 50% and over the course of a month the pain had disappeared completely.It has now been about 6 months since I purchased this strap and I do not wear it anymore. Why should I if there is no pain.
    If and when I feel my Plantar Fasciits beginning to play up, on goes the strap and within the first 24 hours it has completely gone again.
    I totally recommend this product to anyone suffering like I did. It was the best $25 I have even spent on anything medical.
    Thanks so much Geradine

  3. These products all work well for my whole family

    Posted by Jennifer Young on 20th Dec 2016

    Planta Facia strap
    I have used this strap a couple of years ago and found it worked well. I wore if for a few months day and night and the pain has gone.

    I have since given it to my daughter for her foot with the same problem and it seems to be working well for her as well.

    My husband and I have purchased a number of these products eg: clips for back, knee strap, planta facia strap, dog collar and dog blanket.

    The dog is 11 years old and appears to gain benefit from the products, sleeping the the blanket all the time, moving around a bit better, starting to play again like a puppy!

    I can highly recommend all the products that I have purchased.

  4. Plantar Faciitis relieved with Magnetic Strap

    Posted by George Urqhardt - Berwick on 27th Oct 2016

    I have had Plantar Fasciitis for years on and off and I came across Gerardine from Magnetic Attraction at the Berwick market a few weeks ago. She had designed a new Plantar Strap and I thought I have tried every thing but since she offered a money back guarantee I thought I had nothing to lose! Well I did lose......... the pain....! I love this strap is is very comfortable to wear and as instucted I wore it to bed at night as well. Finally, some relief! Thankyou!

  5. Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief

    Posted by Mike Simmonds on 26th Oct 2016

    I have suffered reoccurring bouts of plantar fasciitis and have tried many remedies with little success. Since using the magnetic Plantar Fasciitis strap the pain relief has been amazing.

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