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Magnetic Therapy Leather Split Clip (2 part)

  • Magnetic Therapy Split Leather Clip
Step 1 Place one part underneath clothing
  • Magnetic Therapy Split Leather Clip
Step 2 Place 2nd part on top of clothing
  • Magnetic Therapy Split Leather Clip
Step 3 Complete.
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100.00 Grams
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Product Description

Magnetic Therapy Leather Split Clip

Fully Australian Made!

This Clip comes in 2 parts and is used for areas of the body which are difficult to get to, for instance, the middle part of your Back, Shoulders, Chest Area for Asthma, Top of Arms, Thighs, Kidney area etc.

Our clients who have used this product have reported relief from ailments such as


Shoulder Pain


Muscle Soreness


Sore Tired Feet

Gastric Reflux


You simply place one part of the clip underneath clothing and the other part on top of the clothing, for example on your undergarments, neck scarf, Collar of shirt, Tshirt etc.

Use separately to rest underneath your tired aching feet, around your ankles in your socks etc.


The Magnetic Split Clip comes in a choice of two basic colors, Black and Dark Beige.

Both black and dark beige should be facing upwards when wearing the clips.

The side that faces your skin is the light beige with the word NORTH stamped on it.

The NORTH Field of the magnet is the AKLALINE field of the magnet, which assists in reducing the acidity which can contribute to the severity of your pain.


This Clip set has been designed using 3 x 15x3mm Rare Earth Magnets on each of the clips. Total of 6 magnets in one unit.

Each magnet is 2500+/- surface gauss and 13,500 +/- Core gauss.

Hand Made in Australia using Genuine Leather and compression laminated to encase the magnets securely.



Persons who are fitted with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin pumps or other electro-medical devices should not use magnetic products.

Magnets should always be kept at least 4-20 inches (10cm -50cm) away from computer hard drives.

Also do not store magnets near any products with a battery, ie mobile phones OR your credit cards.


Due to the fact that no research has been done on the effect of magnetic products during pregnancy,

we advise women not to use magnetic therapy until after the birth.

Always check with your health professional if ever in doubt.

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Product Reviews

  1. Pain free at last

    Posted by Angela Herbert, New Zealand on 11th Mar 2013

    I ordered a split clip a few weeks ago after being told, and trying it out for 10 mins, by a friend who had bought one from Geradine at the Melbourne Market whilst on holiday. I was travelling from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island a few days after ordering it. That was a good way of testing the theory attached to the magnet. I had the magnet sent to my brothers house on Christchurch so I could pick it up there.
    I took Celebrex for 5 days before, and while, travelling down to Christchurch, and when I arrived on the 27th February I attached the split clip to the back of my underwear, across the back of my bra strap where my degeneration causes pinched nerve pain. I had taken the last Celebrex on the morning of 26th February.
    It took a wee while before I realised that the nerve pain had GONE!!!!
    I wore it for the next few days while travelling and then decided to attach the magnet onto my underwear over my lower spine. After a while I was relieved of THAT pain too!!
    I have to tell you that we were travelling in a 1970 Alfa which does not have the soft suspension of a modern car and my sitting position of having my legs out in front of me causes a problem in my lower back as I have spondylosis in my spine and neck and have had it for years.
    I would like to thank you , Geradine, for allowing me to continue with my life knowing that I now have the tool to live it to the MAX!!!!
    Bless you and I would like everyone who reads this to know that the magnets WORK and after suffering for 40 years with my neck and back I feel FREE!!!

  2. 8 Years of Shoulder Pain GONE

    Posted by Scott Rowley Vic on 27th Oct 2012

    Magnetic Clips for Shoulder Pain

    I have had trouble with pain in my shoulders for 8 years and the only option offered by my doctor was surgery. Now I use these magnet straps I feel no pain or have the need for medication and best of all no surgery! Thanks Magnetic Attraction!!!

    Keep up the good work.

    Scott Rowley