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Magnetic Therapy Pad to assist in Pain Relief

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Product Description


100% Australian Designed and made!

Completely reversible and color coded and beautifully bound.

This soft and comfortable pad measuring 13cm x 16cm and may be used almost anywhere on the body. Containing 2 Powerful Rare Earth 3000 guass magnets encased in a soft spongy surrounding and covered with top quality Neoprene. This pad helps create a warming effect on the body and may help relieve many symptoms.

We have had reports from clients that they find the pad very useful for

  • Prostrate
  • Lower back aches
  • Upset stomachs
  • Shoulder problems
  • Menstrual (period) pains
  • Neck discomfort
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Asthma
  • Gastric Reflux
  • Heartburn
  • Stomach Ulcer discomfort

Simply place the pad on to the area that you require relief. Useful for leaning against whilst in a chair or car or placing underneath your body whilst laying or sitting down.


NOTE:  This pad is mainly used in sitting or laying positions, not suitable for use when moving around.

  • These magnets have a penetration of up to 17cm into soft tissue and are a permanent magnet. ie: they will never lose their energy.

GREEN = NORTH (Alkaline) energy is  a soothing, cooling, calming energy. It acts as a natural antibiotic and assists in balancing the pH level of the body. This is the side of the magnet which is recommended to soothe or relieve discomfort. All illness stems from the same root cause....too much tissue acid waste in the body. Viruses, fungi, bacteria and disease can only survive in an acid environment. It is therefore suggested that you use the magnet with the NORTH (GREEN) side facing your body.

RED = SOUTH (Acidic) energy is a warming, activating, energy. It can assist in promoting growth and can speed up the healing process of broken bones, scarr tissue etc. I t may be used to increase energy but should be used sparingly as it can create more acidity.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Persons who are fitted with pacemakers, defibrillators, implanted insulin pumps or other electro-medical devices should not use magnetic products. Magnets should always be kept at least 4-20 inches (10cm -50cm) away from computer hard drives. Also do not store magnets near any products with a battery, ie mobile phones OR your credit cards.

PREGNANCY: Due to the fact that no research has been done on the effect of magnetic products during pregnancy, we advise women not to use magnetic therapy until after the birth.

Always check with your health professional if ever in doubt.

Warranty Information

We are so sure that you will be happy with our products that we offer a Full 90 day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

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Product Reviews

  1. Endometriosis, tennis elbow and shoulder pain.

    Posted by Barbara on 18th Jan 2016

    On Sunday 17th Jan 16 while listening to Gerry talk to a client I tried on a thumb magnet to see if I had any relief and I could feel no pain in my thumb joint in the short time we were waiting.
    My husband and I bought 2 clip magnets plus the thumb magnet.
    My husband wore his all day with no pain and took no inflammation tablets on the day.
    My husband has worn discs in his neck from Forklift driving, which in turn has created pain in his shoulder and tingling down his arm.
    He has been taking Ibuprofen during the day which he has now stopped and nerve pain tablets at night which he is still taking as he needs them as it has only been one day. Wow.
    This morning I gave my magnetic clip to my daughter who was off work with Bronchitis and told her to please wear this clip on her undies all day to see if it would help her with her Endometriosis, which she did and she said she was out of pain for the first time in a long time.
    She also has a bone spur that is pressing on her Achilles so she has ordered a magnetic strap for her ankles.
    Wish we had heard about magnets and pain relief before.

  2. Hip operation cancelled

    Posted by Anne, Endeavour Hills on 12th Aug 2011

    My mother was told she needed a hip operation and the x rays reavealed how serious the situation was.The doctors had concerns to wether she would survive such a long operation. So they kept putting it off. She purchased magnetic products from Gerry in the form of a neo pad and magnetic water block and magnetic bed pad.She was very skepitical but willing to try the products.She wore the neo pad against her hip, drank the magnetized water and slept on the bed pad. Six months later when she went back to the orthopedic surgeon and had another x ray he couldn't believe the improvement and called his other colleagues in because he didn't believe what he was seeing. The hip had repaired itself and the operation was cancelled and remains that way 7 years later.