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Magnetic Pet Collars and Mats

As our pets age, they can suffer with aches and pains just like humans do. Pain relief for pets can come in many forms- drugs, veterinary treatments, or something more natural and holistic.

If your pet is in pain you may not want to use drugs, and be looking for holistic health care. Magnetic therapy for pets can be used as an alternative to medical or veterinary intervention. It is non-invasive, and we have had some remarkable results in pets that have used our magnetic products.

Arthritis and other ailments that pets are prone to suffer in older age can have them in constant pain, leading to changes in mood and temperament, taking away the once loving pet that you knew before.

Pet magnetic therapies can be found in a variety of forms;

  • Cat and Dog Collars
  • Pet beds
  • Magnetic Water Therapy
  • NEW Pet Clips especially for Equine Therapy - Horses and Donkeys

So whether you have a dog, cat, horse or donkey in pain, Magnetic Attraction can help you with a quality magentic pet product to suit your special pet.

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