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Magnetic Healing Testimonials

Just some of the many letters and emails that we have received about our Magnetic Therapy Products


Magnetic collars and mat - Amazing

My 5 year old Border Collie cross is a rescue and had a rough start to life with a broken back leg as a puppy. Now she has a bit of arthritis setting in that had begun to bother her a bit especially getting into a standing position after laying down.She had also hurt herself after slipping on a wet footpath and had now started to limp. We went to the vet and it was recommended that she undergo exploratory surgery.  After having another dog years ago who had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic during a operation I really didn’t want to go back down that path unless we absolutely had toThen I found Gerry….i had already had magnificent results myself with magnets for pain (shoulder and both Achilles’ tendons) so why I hadn’t put two and two together beforehand for my girl I just don’t know. I ordered 3 of the dog collars,a large blanket and a magnetic water block. Gerry rang me within 30minutes of placing my order and we connected straight away….she made sure that I had the correct sized collars for all 3 dogs and that the blanket was going to be big enough for them to all snuggle up on…the other two are chihuahuas so no worries there….the products arrived very promptly and my girl stopped limping within 72hours of wearing her new collar. She is now back to her playful,puppy self with no hesitation on standing and I am beyond delighted to see that happy gleam back in her eyes as she chases Maggie’s and cockies on our morning walk I’m so grateful to have found Gerry that day and cannot recommend her very well made,Aussie products more highly. Thanks Gerry:)

Bursitis in Shoulder

I am so happy with this Magnetic shoulder strap, so so comfortable to wear and within a couple of days of wearing it, my pain diminished significantly. I am sure that through continued wear, I will be pain free!  Great design and really strong magnets.
Glad I found your site


Marjorie - Wynum

Thumb Joint strap for Pain

I found this product really comfortable to wear, and the pain in my thumb area has decreased significantly in the past week that I have been wearing it. 
The 3 strong magnets haven been sewn into the strap right in the area of the thumb and the joint area at the base of the thumb. 
You can order a left or a right handed strap so that the magnets sit right in the correct area. 

I have seen nothing like this on the market.... very innovative product! Thankyou. 


Stephanie - Berwick Vic

NO More Headaches!

My husband seemed to constantly have a headache. He works in I.T. so possibly related to sitting over a computer for hours on end.

He used to go through a packet of Panadol a week.But since using the Magnetic Pillow Insert and a Magnetic Therapy clip on the back/neck of his shirts - NO MORE HEADACHES. He's gone from having several headaches a week to maybe one a month.

Thank you for turning my grumpy husband into a happy one. Love your products!

Happy Wife- Belgrave

Magnetic Shoulder Strap

After many years of weight lifting and gym work, I had pain in my shoulders which affected my work. I got one of these Magnetic Shoulder straps from the Mornington Main Street Market, not expecting it to do alot but was pleasantly surprised, within a few days my shoulder was feeling much better. I now wear it every day and wouldn't be without it. The 100% money back guarantee was the deciding factor in the first place, but have no intention of retur this little beauty.  Thanks for coming up with a simple, comfortble product.

John B - Frankston

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Knee Pain and Elbow Pain

I have used the Magnetic Easy Straps for ten years. They have greatly helped with swollen legs and severe rheumatoid arthritis My partner has also had great results by using them for knee pain and tennis elbow. I have since bought a second pair of magnets and have recommended them to many friends”

Paul Hepburn, Warrnambool VIC


Digestive discomfort helped withMagnetic Therapy Clip

I have been wearing Garardine's magnetic clips for nearly 2 weeks now.  From day one of wearing them, the substantial digestive discomfort I normally have has been reduced, and this improvement is very welcome.  I'm hoping that as I continue wearing them, that further improvements will come.
Gerardine spent time with me on the phone, advising  me where to place the magnets for my particular problems, as well as advising me on using these magnets to magnetize my water.  This has improved the taste of my already filtered water even more.


Joyce - Bacchus Marsh Victoria

Plantar Faciitis pain.... GONE!

I have been using the magnetic straps for over a month for my plantar fasciitis. I am impressed by the fabulous improvement. I don’t have any more pain! 
I am also very satisfied that Gerardine is selling products which she is well versed on. She was able to explain to me how the straps work and how. 
I have found her friendly, very approachable and kInd. Thank you Gerardine. 

Annabele - Melbourne

Was NOT a Believer until now.

I have to say that I was not a believer in the effectiveness of magnets. When my husband talked about getting some to try, I thought well even if he just thinks that they help him and finds some improvement due to that, I would be happy!  

He had experienced progressive deterioration (pain ++) and lack of mobility, and for the last week or so had been having to use a walking stick to get to the bathroom (he's only 51!) I was shocked and very pleasantly surprised to see the visible improvement in only the first few hours of wearing the ankle strap and plantar strap.  

The swelling he had experienced for many weeks was markedly reduced, pain reduced, and he was mobilising much more easily by the next morning!

Kyrstelle - Melbourne

HIP Pain

I recently purchased a magnet therapy clip to help control hip pain which I have had for a few years. It was very easy to purchase and delivery was swift and customer service is  top class from Gerardine!! 

Within a week of wearing the magnet  the pain started to subside and is now virtually gone ! It was very easy to use just clip to the pocket on my pants and hey presto pain free now, I would recommend it for anyone to use!! 

William - Ireland

Remarkable improvement in mobility

Our boy Floyd has been in and out of vets trying to assist in his sore arthritic hips and joints, due to his condition the vet has said that surgery will be needed and injections of all sorts but Since wearing the collar we have noticed a huge improvement in Floyd’s mobility and he seems happier and in less pain. The collars are great and the service was fantastic. Thankyou! Look forward to ordering more products.

Brit And Callum Read

Psoas Tendon Pain

After 3 hip operations, daily use of tramadol and other drugs i just resigned to being either drugged or in pain. I started wearing the Magnetic Therapy Clips right over the painful area and was blown away.. i wear them everyday now from the time i get up til i go to bed and its truly amazing. I dont take pain killers anymore.  Best thing is if your not happy they offer money back guarantee... not many places back their product that much anymore  

Andrew T - Canberra


Best Thing I ever did!

After suffering for 10 or more years with sciatic and constantly on painkillers I stumbled onto this. Best $50 I ever spent. After about 1 month or so it started to work and I have been living pain free for 5 years now. Please if you are hesitating just do it - it will be the best $50 you have spent. I have now recommended it to clients, family and friends who have all had great results.



Menopause Relief within 48 hours with Magnetic Therapy Clip.

I have been using the Magnetic clip for 6 months. Within 48 Hours I HONESTLY felt the old me had returned. I was suffering from excessive bleeding, low energy, memory problems and just not feeling quite right due to fluctuating hormones. All of this has since stablized. The clip has been a blessing and I would sincerely recommend it. I lost it for two weeks and was desperate to replace it because I noticed the immediate setback by not wearing it. Geraldene has produced a well researched, easy to use and cost effective product. Give it ago, you've got nothing to loose.

Kate - Blackburn North Vic

Sleep so well with this Underlay

I work night shifts and have trouble getting to sleep during the day. Since I have this Magnetic Attraction underlay and pillow insert on my bed, I fall asleep so much quicker and also stay asleep until the alarm clock goes off.
I also have 3 slipped discs in my back and use the Magnetic Therapy clips every day. My quality of life has improved significantly since using these products. I love the fact that this is totally Australian Made and I even had mine custom made for my extra long bed, as I am 6'6"
Thankyou for a great product!

Keith - The Basin (Vic)

Sciatic Pain Relief. They really do work!

I have been wearing a pair of these magnetic leather clips for the last 4 months and have had complete relief for ongoing nerve pain in my lower back, hip and buttocks. I wear them 24/7 and now only take off to shower.

When they arrived I was suffering from a bad bout of pain that can normally last from a few weeks to a few months. After about 2 weeks the pain was completely gone and I also now wake with significantly less back stiffness in the morning.

I have been spreading the good news with friends and have now also purchased a travel mattress protector for my bed to get more positive results.

Definitely money well spent to be completely free of pain. The fact that the owner (Gerardine) has called me directly to ensure my purchases are the correct products for my issues is reassuring and demonstrates the care and professionalism of this company and their products.
Buy it and dont take it off!

Brad - Happy Customer

Plantar Fasciitis Strap

For years I have suffered from pain full Plantar Fasciitis. I have spent $ upon $ buying insoles for my shoes. I have had 3 quarter zone injections that last for 6 months.Lots of $ again. 
While visiting the Berwick markets we came across this Gerardine and her Magnetic stall. As sceptical as I am I was prepared to try almost anything. So I brought this $25 magnetic strap and wore it for 3 months solid. 
Within the first week the pain in my foot was reduced by 50% and over the course of a month the pain had disappeared completely.It has now been about 6 months since I purchased this strap and I do not wear it anymore. Why should I if there is no pain. 
If and when I feel my Plantar Fasciits beginning to play up, on goes the strap and within the first 24 hours it has completely gone again.

I totally recommend this product to anyone suffering like I did. It was the best $25 I have even spent on anything medical. 

Thanks so much Geradine 

Vincent Sukkel - Vic

Knee Pain disappeared in 7 minutes with Magnetic Easy Strap

This product was gifted to us by my Aunt and boy did it do wonders for my dad. He is 75 years old and he had knee pain. He put on her magnetic straps and the pain literally disappeared in 7 mins!! This is a truly amazing product and highly recommended!! A+++


Farina- NZ

Bursitis in Rght Shoulder

I have had a sore right shoulder for as long as I can remember and I finally succumbed to a cortisone injection this year which lasted no more than 2 weeks. I used the magnetic clip for three months and now the pain is completely gone and I can even sleep on that shoulder for the first time in years too. I highly recommend this product, what have you got to lose with a money back guarantee !



Drinking water again!

I've suffered with terrible acid reflux for years and nothing's helped. I even had the Nissen fundoplication surgery to help correct it but it didn't work at all.  One of the bad effects of my reflux was I simply had the hardest time drinking water. It would upset my esophagus and stomach if I even sipped it. The first thing I noticed with magnetized water is it feels smooth to drink. I am now drinking way more water and my digestion is much better. I am very impressed and glad I found out about these wonderful products.

Margaret - Nebraska USA 


Magnetic Therapy Clips are the BEST!

These clips are just great. I use them for heartburn, upset stomach, low back pain, upper back pain, as well as for a sore shoulder. I also used them to magnetize water before specifically buying the water magnet set. My husband loves the clips too and he was skeptical. I'm super impressed and plan to try more of these great products.


Margaret - Nebraska USA



"There is just no end to the power of these magnets!

My partner and I can’t believe the amazing effects these magnets have on our bodies. We bought the pillow inserts and could not believe that from the first night, we have been getting such a deep, restful night sleep. My partner even says he’s been dreaming a lot more.

The magnetic body clips are also fantastic. My partner and I both suffer from back pain, however when we clip these around our lower back area, the pain is just gone! It’s such a weird feeling to have pain that you’ve become accustomed to for so long, just disappear! I do a lot of computer work, so I’ve also found the clips to be great around the shoulder (trapezius) area as well.

My partner has a problem knee (pain and swelling), but when he puts on his magnetic knee support strap, the pain is gone within 20 minutes, and swelling subsides considerably.

We just wish we had discovered these magnets sooner!!

Gerry’s extensive knowledge and experience with the magnets is just priceless – after speaking with her for only a short time, it is obvious that she has been doing this for quite a while and she really knows what she’s talking about. A true professional.

We are now looking forward to our new magnetic bed underlay. With the pillows having such a profound effect, I can only imagine what the mattress underlay will do!!"


Iene - Malvern

Hip Pain SO much better with Magnetic Therapy clip 

Product: Magnetic Therapy Clip for Back, Shoulder, Arthritis, Sciatica, Period Pain, Gastric Reflux, Heartburn, Menopausal Symptoms. 
Posted By: Lyndall- Narre Warren South
I just want to thank Gerardine for her help and knowledge and explaining to me to how Magnet therapy works. 
I have had hip pain on one side for the past year and thought I should give it a try- nothing much else had been helping. ( also it had a money back guarantee- so I thought why not?? I had nothing to lose) 
So 3 weeks on & wearing it everyday and I truely can not believe it- it has blown me away!! I do not have hardly any hip pain at all anymore! I am back walking and doing things I had been limited to do, before I used the magnet. 
I would DEFINITELY recommend these products to anyone experiencing pain- give it a go! You really have nothing to lose. :) 



I just placed my third order for the clip magnet and shoulder strap magnet. I already have one clip and a wrist wrap. I have chronic arthritis and its accompanying pain in every joint in my body...literally! I have had two knee replacements and two back fusions. I have doctors who want to operate on both my hands and one shoulder. I have to get cortisone shots in hands and shoulder. NO MORE! 
Where ever I feel pain I attach a magnet to that area and WITHIN MINUTES my pain is gone. 
Please give these magnets a chance before you agree to pain meds and surgeries... 
For those reading these reviews in the United States, it is worth the wait for them to arrive. Gerardine will mail them asap! And she will call you if she needs to double check or make a suggestion for your area of pain. 
These magnets are the answer to your pain! 


Betsey Lawrence - Arizona USA


14 year old Whippet up and running again with Magnetic Collar

Thank you Gerri, magnetic collar working a treat on Tess whippet (14 years old, so slow and sad, is now back running and playing), such a huge improvement with no other change but wearing magnetic collar. 
I am so rapt to have a happy again Jackson who is also wearing magnetic collar though hard to see under all that fur. 
Haven't seen the Jackson grin for over 9 months ! Thank you!

Robyn Meyers

I was surpirsed how well they worked!

I couldnt beleive how well they worked I give my clients  who had carpal Tunnel and knee pain they said the pain was much better they had more movement in the joints the more they used them the less pain so thats great for my clients thanks  for a great product i will be buying more for clients ...

Jenny - Myotherapist


MIGRAINES Alleviated with Magentic Therapy Clip

AMAZING Magnetic Therapy Clip! 

I would like to thank Gerardine for this amazing product. 
I came across this magnet by accident at the market. When I was told that it may get rid of my migraines I was very sceptical but was willing to try anything. 

I had been suffering severe migraines on a daily basis for years and had tried everything but nothing really worked. 

Since wearing the Magnetic Therapy clip, three and a half years ago, I have not suffered a migraine since. It has made a huge difference in my life and my families life. My family felt hopeless when they watched me suffering migraines. 

I fully and whole heartedly recommend this life changing product for anyone suffering migraines. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. 

Thank you 

Tarek - Vicoria

Magnetic Leather Strap

I just love my Magnetic leather strap i have been suffering with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome , a friend told me about the magnetic leather straps , i got one and have worn it from February 2017 and have no more pain i just love it , i recommend it  highly . I just love my Magnetic leather strap i have been suffering with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome , a friend told me about the magnetic leather straps , i got one and have worn it from February 2017 and have no more pain i just love it , i recommend it  highly .

Ann - Melbourne

Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief

I have suffered reoccurring bouts of plantar fasciitis and have tried many remedies with little success. Since using the magnetic Plantar Faswciitis strap the pain relief has been amazing.  

Mike Simmonds- Melbourne


Magnetic Easy Strap for Young Gymnast

My 13 year old daughter is a gymnast who had pain in her wrist. The pain gradually got worse until we ended up at the physiotherapist. At the end of a very lengthy process we worked out it was an issue with her shoulder flexibility which caused a calcified area on one of her wrist bones which is why she was getting pain. The Magnetic Easy strap allows her to continue training as she needs to and is generating a faster healing process. The calcification is still reducing it is going to be a long healing process. 

In December she lost her strap and we didn't replace it immediately, of course she was still training. About a month went by and she told me that her wrist was hurting again and that she didn't realise how much it was actually helping. Hence we have contacted Gerri again and we now have a new one. If she didn't use the magnetic strap she would no longer be able to participate in the sport she loves. 

You hear magnetic products and you think older people trying to continue what they love to do but, I have a new found respect for magnetic products even for young people. 

Natasha Dunham - WA


Endometriosis Relief

Having suffered endometriosis for over 25 years, the magnetic leather clip has brought immediate relief to me (& my partner!). 

My typical symptoms prior to wearing the magnet were excruciating back pain 2 weeks before, 1 week during & sometimes 1 week following my period, vomiting on the first day of my period, bleeding cycles of 8 days plus, severe mood swings, major abdominal bloating & pain, the constant feeling of being abdominally heavy (even tho I'm not overweight), depression & frequent vaginal spotting between periods.

I wear the magnetic clip on my undies & I know longer have to take copious amounts of pharmaceutical pain relief. While I still get a mild dose of back pain associated with my cycle, the pain is now manageable & it lasts no longer than a couple of days compared to a number of weeks. My mood swings & depression are now insignificant, the vomiting has ceased & I'm now more comfortable in my own skin.

I would recommend any woman give the magnets a try to significantly reduce menstrual pain. It has provided much needed relief and best of all, I'm now free from pharmaceutical drugs!


Maree - Berwick


Magnetic Therpay Clips, Dog Collars, Magnetic Beds and Water Blocks

I purchased many Magnetic Attraction products recently and I am extremely happy with all of them.

I bought 4 dog beds (one of them being a beautifully made strong outdoor canvas one) and they are great. My dogs like to cosy up on them. I also bought 4 dog collars for my varying aged dogs. This is more a preventative to help them stay healthy as that is very important to me.

I also love the magnetic clips - I bought two and often where both at the same time. Once again they are exceptionally well made.

I also love my water magnetiser (ying yang) - I will be purchasing another shortly so I can magnetise my drinking water in larger amount as both we and my animals drink it.

As you can see I am very happy with the products and am very appreciative of Gerri's care and help in getting everything I need.

Michele McPhee - WA


Cut my painkillers drastically with this Magnetic Therapy Clip

This clip has been my saviour for a few years now. I went from 3 PKTS Panadeine forte and oxy norm a month to obtaining but not requiring all of 1 pkt Panadeine forte every 3 months. I would LOVE you to just give this a try. I'm not saying you will Never have pain again but I can guarantee your pain management will definitely improve.

Christine- Victoria

Magnetic Knee Strap, no pain, no drugs

Hi Gerry

Following my total knee replacement in 2015 the physio was going great, until I suffered a Hemarthosis - a bleed into the knee joint. Pain like I have never known suffice to say.Wearing the knee straps, one above and below my knee has enabled me to walk without the knee supports I have worn for the past 14 years. My surgeon told me I wouldn't be able to do much physio whilst mother nature healed the bleed, however with the knee straps I am doing physio, riding the exercise bike 4 times daily.

Wearing the knee straps at night, loosened slightly, has enabled me to get a decent night sleep, without drugs! If you wish to use this feedback and add to your testimonials, I would be delighted for you to share my experience.

With Knee, ankle and a back magnet I must admit I am careful not to stand too close to my fridge...as I may never get off there! :) 

Thank you 

Denise Sullivan - Ballarat

Plantar Faciitis relieved with Magnetic Strap

I have had Plantar Fasciitis for years on and off and I came across Gerardine from Magnetic Attraction at the Berwick market a few weeks ago. She had designed a new Plantar Strap and I thought I have tried every thing but since she offered a money back guarantee I thought I had nothing to lose!  Well I did lose......... the pain....! I love this strap is is very comfortable to wear and as instucted I wore it to bed at night as well. Finally, some relief! Thankyou!

George Urqhardt - Berwick

Different Dog since wearing this Magnetic collar

Thank you! These collars really help ease the old boys arthritis, he's a different dog when he's wearing it, thank you

DVD Queen

Frequent Urination Problems Relieved with Magnets

Dear Gerardine
I am writing this testimony so it may help others with frequent urination
Before the magnets I was having to go to the toilet every 30 minutes both day and night even with the use of expensive bladder medications I.e Enable and Betmigma which worked only for a short time
I now  use two magnetic clips.One attached to the front pouch of my underpants above the bladder and one attached to the back above the lower spine
This has created a strong magnetic field which has returned my urination to near normal of every 4-6 hours
I also use the Ying Yang Magnet and drink water at room temperature
Thank you for great relief with the use of your strong quality magnets 
Also I appreciated your information and explanations about how personally magnets could improve my particular health issues

Thankyou. . .   Shalom - NSW

100% Recommend this Magnetic Clip

Oh my word - I LOVE this clip! I'll be honest - I wasn't sure how well it would work for my pain relief. I was rear-ended a few decades ago, and had kinda gotten used to a constant level of back pain and wouldn't take pharmaceuticals. I am blown away at the result of this magnetic therapy clip. Within 24 hours of wearing it, every bit of my pain was gone. And several days later, STILL no pain. I 100% recommend that anyone with any kind of pain try this - it is absolutely amazing!

Ronae - USA

SNORRING STOPPED with Magnetic Pillow Insert

I bought one of your Magnetic Pillow Inserts from you at the Berwick Market for my Dad as my Mother was ready to walk out the door from the loud snorring my Dad does. 
I cannot thank you enough, Dad has stopped snorring, Mum is happy and finally getting some well deserved sleep and the household is back to normal!

I really didn't think this would work, but am happy to be proven wrong!

Doreen - Pakenham


Retired Nurse happy with Magnets

I have been retired from nursing for many years, I am now 80 years of age. We didn't have lifting machines when I was young, so most of us ended up with sore shoulders and backs from lifting patients.
I was given a Magnetic Therapy clip to try and immediately purchased another one as I wear one on either side of my spine on my underpants. I can tell you honestly, I cannot go a day wihtout wearing those magnets, I love them. I also have a Magnetic Easy Strap for my arthritic wrist.
I am so happy with them and tell all old friends at the nursing home about them.

D E Slater - UK.

Stiffness gone in a couple of days with Magnetic Dog Collar

Hello Gerri,
Great news....after just a few days of wearing his new collar from you, Marley is waking up with no apparent stiffness or soreness from diagnosed arthritis. He is a much happier dog...thank you so much for making these collars available.

I have written to Marley's vet to tell her the good news.

Best wishes,

Magnetic Travel Mat is the Best!

I love my Magnetic Travel mat. I travel a lot and will not leave home without it. I use it on my seat whilst travelling and then pop it under my back when I am in bed. I have a Queen size one on my bed at home and was really missing it when I travelled. This is the perfect answer! Small, lightweight, washable and a very reasonable price for the quality.
Happy Traveller!

Wanda Crukshank - W.A. 

Magnetic Dog Collar worked in ONE DAY!

Thanks Geradine,
We received our dogs collar a few days ago. I think within a day our 10 year old lab was bouncing around like she was several years younger.


Magnetic Strap worked very well for me.

Hi Gerardine,"I have been an extremely happy repeat customer of Magnetic Attraction for many years, and continue to be impressed with the many products I have acquired over time.In 2010 I had two falls which caused serious damage to my back and shoulders. I deliberately chose not to have any 'standard' medical treatment, but to use only treatments that were 100% drug-free.

Although I do not suffer from arthritis, I have used magnets since 1998 for various aches and pains due to sprains, sport, etc. They worked a treat!The pain from those falls were such that I had to sleep sitting up on a chair. I did not take any analgesics, and only used magnets. The pain very gradually subsided, and on the fourth day I could sleep on a recliner.

It took 11 months for my back to fully heal - and I stayed drug-free.I have recommended magnetic therapy to many colleagues, both arthritic and non-arthritic, all with positive results. Those who combined magnets with other medical treatments found that, after a week or so, they no longer needed the prescribed (or OTC) pain killers.

One colleague even recommended magnets to his orthopedic surgeon, who actually bought a pair of knee straps and was very happy with them!Magnets have been in use in Ancient Egypt, Greece, Japan and China.Modern science has as yet been unable to explain exactly how magnets heal.My personal view is that magnets improve circulation, and thereby help accelerate the body's own healing process. This is based on my own experience using magnets, and from having studied natural therapies.

I would highly recommend magnets to anyone who is suffering from aches or pains or lack of circulation, however caused.It is important to ensure that the magnets are of good quality and are correct for the human body.Magnetic Attraction have consistently provided me with products of the highest quality that last for years.Above all, please keep an open mind!

Thank you, Magnetic Attraction, for making those incredibly effective magnets available."
Thanks, Gerardine!

Sylvia - Tasmania

88 Year old Happy with his Knee strap and Magnetic Therapy Clip...

 I can't thank you enough for the difference in my 88 year old Dad since wearing the knee magnet strap & the clip on magnet for his spinal issues. His health has improved beyond belief!

I would like to add, the 2 knee straps; plus the ankle magnet strap & back clip on have been huge in improving the quality of my life! Less drugs since using the magnet therapy..... life is on the up & up.

Denise Sullivan - Mornington

Magnets helped with Hip Disphasia in 9 year old Lab

Hi Gerardine.Was speaking to you about my improvement in my Labrador who suffered with stiffness in rising from sitting.at the Akkonah market this Sunday just gone.Purchased your collar saw a big improvement after a week.His now running around the backyard like a grey hound.So happy I gave your products a try.

And jet thanks you too.☺️

Judy Vogels -Berwick Vic

Happy with my Magnetic Therapy Straps and Clip

The 2 Magnetic Easy straps for my knee and the one for my ankle PLUS the  Magnetic Therapy Clip for my back have been huge in improving the quality of my life! 
Less drugs since using the magnet therapy..... life is on the up & up.

Denise Sullivan - Mornington

Endometriosis, tennis elbow and shoulder pain....

On Sunday 17th Jan 16 while listening to Gerry talk to a client I tried on a thumb magnet that was to big to see if I had any relief and I could feel no pain in my thumb joint in the short time we were waiting.

My husband and I bought 2 clip magnets plus the thumb magnet.My husband wore his all day with no pain and took no inflammation tablets on the day.My husband has worn discs in his neck from Forklift driving, which in turn has created pain in his shoulder and tingling down his arm.He has been taking Ibuprofen during the day which he has now stopped and nerve pain tablets at night which he is still taking as he needs them as it has only been one day. Wow.

This morning I gave my magnetic clip to my daughter who was off work with Bronchitis and told her to please wear this clip on her undies all day to see if it would help her with her Endometriosis, which she did and she said she was out of pain for the first time in a long time.She also has a bone spur that is pressing on her Achilles so she has ordered a magnetic strap for her ankles.Wish we had heard about magnets and pain relief before.

Barbara - Victoria


Dalmation is back to her happy self after months of pain with the magnetic dog collar....

Hello Gerardine,

Lovely to chat to you today & yesterday, thanks for your help for Suzie my 13yr old pig. My dog Eliza who is 5.5 yrs old who had a very sore right shoulder not sure what she had done to herself but had tried a few different treatments on her but nothing worked so looked up magnetic dog collars & came across your web page so ordered a collar so nice of you to ring the next day to make sure I had right size. Put it on her as soon as it arrived & within a couple of days she seemed a lot happier & more playful with other dogs. Within 3 weeks she she was walking most of the time without a limp & now 5 weeks on she only limps when she has been on a long run with me when I am out riding my horse but fine again by the next day. Thanks for helping my girl will recommend them to anyone.      She is back to her happy self after months of pain :) 


Judith C. 


Relief from Osteoarthritis and Trigger fingers with Magnetic Straps

Just after Christmas my wife and I purchased magnet therapy products and we could not be more pleased. My wife has osteoarthritis in the knee and since using the magnet strap on her knee she has felt the improvement especially in the drop in the swelling around her knee.

I have "trigger" finger" and i have been wearing a magnet strap around my finger and I can feel the improvement, I am not waking up with my finger "locked" and I invariably did without the magnet strap.i have better mobility in my finger, much better thanks

Neil Brew 

Magnetic Dog Mat had improved my dog's mobility

Grace adores her custom made Magnetic Pet Underlay. 
She now spends more  time on it than on my couch!  After only one week, she seems to be moving a lot more freely after sleeping on it.

The extra magnets in the middle were a good idea as this is where she curls up. 

Regards Lynne.


These Magnets worked for me

I use a Magnetic Body Strap on my leg, Magnetic Therapy clips on my back,  Magnetic  Easy Strap on my wrist and a magnetic tube ring on my finger. All of these help considerably. I know it`s proven magnets increase the blood flow. Quality magnets more so and this helps my severe pain and I have eased off my medication.
If anyone is in pain I suggest they give it a go  

Bernadatte - Rosebud 


I Love this Little Magnet! I am converted!

I didn't think that this would work, but since Gerardine offered a complete money back guarantee, I thought I would try it. 

All I can say is WOW!! 

I am converted! I have tried cheaper magnetic products before and didn't realize the difference that a good quality magnet with the correct polarity and strengh could make. 
Don't buy cheap weak magnets from catalogues, they are simply no where near as effective as these ones AND they are all Hand made here in Australia which is a bonus for sure! 

Thankyou for all the information you have given me as well. No one has ever explained how magnets actually work and why it is important to wear them the right way around. 

Analeese - Warburton


This Magnetic Therapy Clip Worked!

I am extremely happy with the results I have had using this magnet. I purchased it awhile ago but before writing a review I wanted to really try it out. I have degenerative disc disease, but by wearing this magnet at my back I have been doing so good. I'm 71 and I have been able to take care of my grand baby since she was 8 weeks old she is now 21 months old. I took care of her 5 days a week and most days for 10 hours or more a day.

Today, I have been suffering from an awful migraine so I decide to put the magnet on my headband at the base of my neck the pain was gone almost immediately. I am so glad I ordered the two pack, ( one of them was taken by my daughter-in-law who just wanted to try it out.

The magnet worked so good for her, she had back pain between her shoulders, she won't give it back. Again, this has been a very good purchase for me.

Sharon - USA

Vegan Friendly Magnetic Therapy Clip is Great!

Thank you for producing Vegan Friendly products. It is refreshing to find a company that will make products to suit Vegan people. 

I loved this clip! I use it on my back and also my shoulders where I suffer with a lot of stiffness which leads to headaches. 

I will tell all my friends about this very well made Vegan Friendly Magnetic Clip. 

Nora - Berwick


Magnetic Dog Collar, Knee Strap and Magnetic Pet Mat are Unbelievable!

Hi Gerry, picked up my parcel on Monday afternoon and put the dog 
collars on around 5pm and by 6pm virtually all the scratching had 
stopped.  If you only knew what I've been through with their 
constantly itching skin. For seven years I've tried absolutely 
EVERYTHING and nothing has ever worked and now is suddenly over, 
it's almost unbelievable.

The mat is in continual use as one pet gets off another quickly 
takes it's place and the cats stretch out so fully on it that it 
looks like they've got half way through a stretch and just stayed 
that way!  My 18 year old cat who was has been feeling so poorly 
all winter that she's hardly moved actually took a couple of swings 
at the younger cat yesterday, haven't seen her feisty side for some 
time so she's obviously feeling better.

And last but not least my partner arrived that evening with very 
sore arms and legs from breaking rocks all day so I put my knee 
band around the bicep of his sorest arm and within about 1/2 hour 
his whole body was no longer hurting and he's now claimed that band 
as his own so I'll be placing yet another order shortly!

I know must have you heard all this before but I'm just so grateful 
I needed to do a bit of gushing!

thanks so much,



Gastric Reflux, Shoulder Issues and Sore Fingers helped with Magnetic Products.

After a recommendation from a friend that I try magnetic therapy for my gastric reflux I went to the mornington market and purchased two magnetic clips and two finger magnets for my troublesome fingers . I now wear the magnets every day . I also put the magnets to use on other ailments . A couple of weeks ago my shoulder was frozen , stiff and no strength . When I got home I strapped the magnets to my shoulder and I can only say wow , my shoulder freed up , amazing . I now sing the praises of magnetic therapy to everyone I meet . 
Do yourself a favor you have nothing to lose but your pain .

Thank you so much Magnetic Attraction!

David Campbell -Mornington

Magnetic Leather Strap is a Life Saver!

I have to give a firsthand testimonial about these magnetic leather bracelets from Magnetic Attraction.

They are amazing! I sprained my wrist a year ago and it has still been giving me grief especially after a day at the office, but when I wear my magnetic bracelets, there is no pain. They are so fashionable as well, they just look like a leather cuff, but are secretly life savers! 

Amelia - USA


Amazing Results with our Magnetic Dog Products

We can't recommend magnetic therapy enough!!! It has been the most effective therapy by far - we have spent about 12k since nov/dec last year with testing & different specialists/vets/therapies with still no diagnosis! No one could explain why or how this was happening & after less than a week of her wearing her magnets we could see a huge difference in her movement & general mood... Def contact Gerardine Robinson at Magnetic Attraction - she hand makes everything & only uses super premium magnets/materials. She does all kinds of different straps, dog beds, dog coats etc - n is more than happy to work out a custom order to get the best results for u.

Jaida - NSW



Magnetic Unlderlay has given us a restful nights sleep

Thank you Gerardine,after more years than I care to remember my husband is sleeping better and so am I. After a lengthy discussion about my husbands snoring, his aches and pains I ordered a magnetic underlay with extra magnets on his side. 
I didn't and still haven't told him about the underlay as he doesn't believe in alternative therapies. His snoring could be heard in the other rooms even with the door shut, now his snoring has stopped, he is sleeping peacefully instead of tossing and turning all night and groaning in his sleep when he turns over. Other than the Magnetic underlay nothing else has changed except now we are both getting a restful nights sleep. 

Thank you so much. Judy

Thank you from my 86 Year Old Father - Magnetic Therapy Clip works.

I purchased a clip for my 86 year father as he has been waking during the night for many years with severe shoulder pain. This pain continued throughout the day with no relief from Osteo Panadol. The first night he wore the magnet he slept through and woke without pain. Dad is still living indpendently and totally self sufficient, so to be pain free so he can attend to his daily life makes him happy which in turn makes his children happy. 

Thank you again. Judy 


Magnetic Therapy is a LIfe Changer!

For some years I suffered from leg problems when playing golf - even in a golf cart. After 6 or so holes my legs would go weak on me, leaving me frustrated and disappointed. Pain killers did not help. With a degree of hesitation I tried a MAGNET CLIP. Two days later I played 36 holes and have not looked back. A real LIFE CHANGER.

David-Nhill Victoria

 No More sleeping tablets with Magnetic Pillow Insert,.

Hi Gerardine , just wanted to let you know that the anklets are lovely and I'm wearing them every day, pain in my foot is down by about 70%so that's good. And the pillow insert is helping me to sleep much better than without it. Not as good as sleeping tablets but id rather not take them. So thank you again. I haven't taken a sleeping tablet since I got it. Thanks again

Susan Clarke


Extremely good Health Resoration for Older dogs.

I highly recommend the Magnetic Pet Collar forolder dogs, as since wearing the Magnetic PetCollar my 14 years old Maltese Terrier has a new lease of life.  Her energy level and appetite has improved and she is also much brighter and happier.

Susan Clarke

Skeptic at first. Now No Back and Shoulder Pain

Dear Gerry,

I have been having back problems for sometime but since using the magnetic clip, which I attach to my undies, I have been remarkably free of pain.  I must admit to being skeptical about the use of magnets but am totally won over with the results.

My husband also is using a magnet on his back and another on this shoulder and is very happy with the results.

Many thanks Gerry.

Regards Noela Parker

Wonderful for General Health Improvement

I was experiencing poor circulation and loss ofappetite.  Within a short time of using the magnets my appetite increased and circulation improved.

Susan Clarke 

SpCervicaline and Degeneration Pain helped with the Magntic Therapy Clip!Cervical ine and Degeneration Pain helped with the Magntic Therapy Clip!

Just wanted to thank you for your product. It arrived very soon from your country and it works very well for my pain. I have Chronic pain from cervical spine curve straightening and degeneration on few disc. The magnet helps me not to have to take pain medication constantly.
Would it be okay to use both in the neck area at the same time? Or you thinks it's too much? I just put a cotton rope around my neck like a necklace and the magnet rest in my neck perfectly. 
I left feedback with Amazon.
Thank you so much.

Margaret- USA

PAIN.... a thing of the past!

This seller is the BEST!!! And this product is amazing, worth every penny! Thanks you're a genius for coming up with a brilliant magnet that won't fall off and is strong enough to really make pain a thing of the past! 

Farris - USA

Old Dog is like a Puppy with his Magnetised Collar.

Just wanted to say how pleased we are with the collars. Schultzi seems to be pain free and is acting more like a puppy than the old boy (13) he is. 
So with this and old fashioned cod liver oil we have managed to restore him and his younger brother Rommel to good health.
Best regards,

Teresa Soanes 

Magnetic Mat worked wonder for my cats

I have two cats. Both cats are 15 years old and have been taken care of very well. They are both inside cats. Both cats have issues with arthritis in their leg joints. One walks stiff legged and the other can not jump up very high. I got the magnetic blanket, $55.00 size and within three days one cat was walking regular. I went back and got a blanket for the other cat and within days he was doing his old jumps easy. It was such a drastic change it was hard to believe. I now have three blankets in their favorite spots and they are even playing more now after just three weeks of use. I am very thankful for the find.

Eva McGaughey - Mornington

You can feel relief from arthritic and muscular pain.

So pleased that my sister found Gerardine at the Market. After she found these magical clips and bought one for me to try I have been most inpressed how after a short time you can feel relief from arthritic and muscular pain. Can highly recommend the magnetic body clips. I have tried mine for 2 months now and have had great relief from back and shoulder pai If I wake in the night I just reposition the clip where the pain is and have felt relief every time. You will not be dissapointed with this product - all you have to lose is the pain!!!

Meridith C - Vic.

Your Magnets were successful for my Family

I have purchased several magnets from you from the Berwick Market for members of my family which have all been really successful for heartburn, restless leg and other leg pain.

Kim - Berwick

Magnetic Dog Mat and Magnetic Collar

Our German Shepherd is about 8 years old and early on had a couple of injuries to her back and hips which is now causing her stiffness and pain. I ordered the magnetic dog collar and after a lovely conversation with Gerardine I decided to order a magnetic dog mat also.

Two days prior to receiving the order in the mail, our dog was superiorly arched in her back and when we touched her she whimpered and pulled away in pain. We were considering taking her to the vet for a course of treatment for arthritis. I decided to wait until we received the mat & collar. As soon as I received the package I immediately set the mat and collar to use, it was about mid afternoon and by the evening she was more relaxed, the arch had gone from her back and she was moving more freely.
It's been almost 2 weeks and she has improved more each day and is now getting up quickly when we call her and moving so much easier.

I tie the mat onto her metal frame Coolaroo bed and at night I can easily untie it and put it inside for her. Gerardine made the mat to fit and the quality is outstanding, the dog collar is sturdy and well made also and I can't believe the incredible difference it has made to our dog.

I can even see the pained look has gone from her eyes and she loves laying on the mat.Thanks a million, these magnetic products are superior and   I highly recommend them.

Angela Spackman - WA

Magnetic Bracelet gave me unexpected relief!

My magnetic bracelet (with Amethyst) is a beautifully made bracelet and custom sized which is a real plus, I started having aches in my hands and losing strength in my grip a few months ago and so thought a bracelet would help to relieve that. I put it on as soon as I received it and within 24 hours my fingers stopped aching and felt less stiff. I've had it now for about two weeks and all stiffness has gone from my hands now. 
An unexpected relief which was a bit of a long shot really, was when I went to bed one night I had a stabbing pain in behind my eye which would not go away and I dislike taking medication so I resisted. I decided to place my wrist, with the bracelet on, under my head near the temple and see if it would help with the pain I had. Within a few minutes the pain stopped  and I left it in place for about 20 minutes then fell asleep. I woke in the morning feeling great with no pain and actually feeling quite refreshed.
The quality of the bracelet is outstanding and the magnets are definitely of superior quality and strength.Gerardine explains everything in detail and answers any questions with great knowledge.I highly recommend the magnetic bracelet as a beautiful piece of functional, therapeutic jewellery!

Angela Spackman - WA

Baby Finally sleeping through the night with Magnetic Underlay

Dear Gerry

I would like to say thank you very much for a fantastic product namely the personal underlay.  We purchased the underlay for our 4 month old at the time as she was transitioning out of a baby hammock into a cot and I was a little afraid to say the least.  

I needed something I knew would work, but finding the "real deal" in magnet therapy could prove hard.  Until I researched on the net and your name caught my eye.  From that moment on, your customer service has been impecable.  But mostly your products are outstanding and knowing they are handmade with love and care means a lot.  As most products these days lack "handmade with love and care" Your prices are very affordable and worth every cent. 

I waited for the underlay to arrive before transitioning Sophia to the cot.  It was a miracle.......from day one she settled in and has slept well.  Sophia wasn't a great sleeper and the underlay has given her daytime sleeps and she wakes up so happy! I believe in your product as we went to Perth and forget to take the underlay!  Sophia was waking every hour to two hours and rising at 6am!  At home she sleeps in till 8am.  It wasn't a unfamilar place as from birth she has slept at the residence where we stay in Perth. I want to say thank you for a wonderful product.  

I am saving to get one for our bed now! Many thanks

Jewels Horman - WA

Menopause Relief within 48 hours!

I have been using the Magnetic clip for 6 months. Within 48 Hours I HONESTLY felt the old me had returned. I was suffering from excessive bleeding, low energy, memory problems and just not feeling quite right due to fluctuating hormones. All of this has since  stablized. The clip has been a blessing and I would sincerely recommend it. I lost it for two weeks and was desperate to replace it because I noticed the immediate setback by not wearing it.  Geraldene has produced a well researched, easy to use and cost effective product.  Give it ago, you've got nothing to loose.  

Kate- Blackburn

These Magnets are Awesome!

I got one of these magnets for myself and one for my husband. The first thing I noticed was the strength of the magnets.We both began wearing them regularly for a lot of the conditions above and I have to say WOW. These magnets are awesome!!!!I must say that I benefit in no way from this recommendation, but love to recognise a great Aussie made product. Well done Gerardine x

Chris Lucas

Back and Shoulder Pain

My wife began a new job recently & after a few days she was complaining about having pain in her shoulder & back. I told her about the magnetic body clip & purchased 2 for her to use.when she put them on within a couple of hours she has relief. We also use the clips to magnetize our water jug as well


Skeptic into Believer!

I cannot thank you enough for letting me try out your amazing magnetic therapy products. I, like many others, do not like to try new things, but I am so glad I did. I was a skeptic at first, but these magnets worked magic pretty much straight away.  

I am wearing the Magnetic Easy strap on my wrist, the leather strap and also the Magnetic Therapy Clip.I would suffer in pain most days but now, using the magnets, I feel much much better.

I would 100% recommend these magnets to be tried by anyone wanting relief and I tell everyone I know how good your products are. Thanks once again Gerardine for making my days a lot more bearable. 

Jenny - Purchased at Berwick Market


Two Magnetic Clips Saved me a fortune

I bought one of the Magnetic Clips from the Berwick Market a few weeks ago, Gerardine told me that she wears one on either side of her spine as she has scoliosis and suffers with sciatica and gets pain right across both sides of her lower back.
I thought I would try one to start with and I went back and bought a second one within a few days.

BOY it did make a difference wearing one on either side. If I wear two on my back and during the day my shoulder gets sore, I simply move one of them over to the shoulder whilst the other one is still working on my back. I am happy that I decided to have two. Much cheaper than all the visits I used to make to the Chiropractor and massage therapist. Love my Clips!!

Jeunesse - Pakenham

Magnetic Dog Collars have given my Lab a New Lease on life!

Hi Gerardine,

thanks for getting the collars to us so quick.  

We have had an amazing result already.  I spoke to you about our Chocolate Labrador – Kadbry always being stressed of recent times, she is looking a lot less stressed and not panting all the time when it is cool like now, it is so much better for her and us.  Just to even look at her face she just looks different.  

She also had been on maloxicam for some months as she was sore somewhere, around her neck area we thought, we had her down to a very low dose of that drug but she had to go off it 3 wks ago as she needed an injection for a skin allergy she gets at this time of year, she was due to start her maloxicam again but we put the collar on her and she is leaping up in the air into her little swimming pool and has become really playful again, basically doing things she has not done for quite some time. 

Millie (our cream lab) also has hers on, she gets a sore front leg, as of yet we have not seen her limping since the collar. The day we got them we put them on that night just before they went to bed – bout 9pm and we notice the change as soon as they got out of bed the next morning around 8 am, it was particular noticeable with Kadbry and her stress levels.

In all honesty we did not know what we were going to do because all the calming medication – natural and vet, had not done anything for her and it was just so distressing. 

We cannot thank you enough, you have given us our old Kadbry back who now seems to be having  fun and enjoying life,it is as if we have gone back in time with her. We will get their kennel measured up and send you the measurements for a quote on an underlay for their bed, I am fairly sure we will be ordering one – we just need to get over xmas as my husband is only on a disability pension – we don’t really care how much it costs if it works – they are our babies and very special. Thankyou thankyou thankyou . 

Noel and Janet

Try this Magnetic Clip

This clip has been my saviour for a few years now. I went from 3 PKTS Panadeine forte and oxy norm a month to obtaining but not requiring all of 1 pkt Panadeine forte every 3 months. I would LOVE you to just give this a try. I'm not saying you will Never have pain again but I can guarantee your pain management will definitely improve.

Christine - Melbourne

30 years of Pain GONE with Magnetic Therapy Clip.

Oh my word - I LOVE this clip! I'll be honest - I wasn't sure how well it would work for my pain relief. I was rear-ended a few decades ago, and had kinda gotten used to a constant level of back pain and wouldn't take pharmaceuticals. I am blown away at the result of this magnetic therapy clip. Within 24 hours of wearing it, every bit of my pain was gone. And several days later, STILL no pain. I 100% recommend that anyone with any kind of pain try this - it is absolutely amazing!

Ronae Jull - USA

Migraines helped with Magnetic Therapy clip almost instantly

I Just want to say a huge thankyou. For the last 2 years I have suffered from migraines. Since buying 2 clip magnets nearly 3 months ago from the Flemington Market I had instant results.

After I purchased the Magnet I put one on the collar of what I was wearing while walking around the market within an hour the cloud in my head had gone and the migraine pain.
I won't take them off, they work they are amazing.

Thanks again Love the results!

Julie McHenry

Burning Pain in Shoulder Muscles gone!

Oh my!!!! I received my magnetic therapy clips today. I was so excited to see if what others said about these pain relieving magnets do was true. Well, let me tell you my story...since I was in my mid-twenties I've been suffering from the pain associated with degenerative disc disease. Regardless of the nutritional supplements I take (yes they help some) I continue to have pain 24/7.

I've tried everything from chiropractic adjustments, nutritional supplements and essential oils. Now, they all help to a degree, but nothing has 100% eliminated the chronic, aching of my back.I opened the package, clipped the magnetic therapy clips on, one on one side and the other on the opposite side of my shirt. I'm not kidding...within 15 minutes the burning in my muscles stopped. I mean really stopped, the pain and burning is gone. I can't thank Gerardine and all those who left personal testimonials enough...

this product is worth it's weight in gold. Finally, relief now I can get my life back and enjoy each day!!!!


Carla Gardiner - USA

Magnets used for Spoorts injury pain relief.

I had heard about Magnetic Therapy but had never tried it until I had suffered from a sports injury for 4 months receiving treatments with no improvement. I was also going overseas and the thought of a long haul flight was daunting knowing that sitting for a long period of time would aggravate my injury and it would have an impact on my vacation. I spoke to Gerardine who was most helpful in recommending products to suit my needs and how they are to be used. I am pleased to say that my injury has gone and I am back to my active lifestyle. I also took it on holidays with me and noticed that I slept deeper, I have had sleeping issues all of my life, even whilst on vacation. I rarely take a tablet these days as I use my magnets as therapy. 

You are able to purchase magnets off a production line however purchasing through Magnetic Attraction you are receiving High quality magnets, personalised service and a 3 month money back guarantee.


Marjorie - Melbourne

Back Pain, Gastric Refllux, Heartburn GONE with Magnetic Clip


did write a review this morning but wanted to add to it....

I've tried many different things trying to manage my back pain. About 25 years ago a van rear-ended my little Nissan, and my back has been pretty messed up ever since. I'm not one to take meds unless I absolutely have to, so I've spent the last couple of decades trying all sorts of natural methods, from yoga to acupuncture to copper bracelets to magnet belts... the list feels pretty endless. Nothing brought lasting pain relief until I got these magnetic clips.
I got two, and that first night I clipped one on the top of my pants, the other on the back of my bra strap. Within two hours my back pain had completely disappeared. Honestly I thought it must be a fluke, but the next morning I was still pain free. I now wear these magnet clips constantly, and for the first time ever I am completely pain free.
I also discovered that the magnetic therapy clip relieves severe heartburn, almost instantly. I have struggled with gastric reflux for years, and routinely had to take something for relief because the pain would become nearly unbearable. The seller of this clip said the magnetic therapy clip might help, so I placed a clip on the front of my bra strap - you know, right over that soft spot where the breast bone ends. Within five minutes, I had absolutely NO PAIN. I cannot even describe what a relief this was.
If you're like me and have tried just about everything to relieve pain and nothing has worked, try these Magnetic Therapy Clips. I am very glad I got two, and I will never just "put up with" being in pain again.

Ronae Jull - USA

This Magnetic Clip is Awesome

This clip is awesome! I had a terrible headache a few weeks ago and it was my first time to experience that. I am not a fan of medicine that's why I was looking for an alternative to relieve the pain. I put the clip in a few strands of my hair with the HOLE facing away from my body and lo and behold, the pain was gone and I had a good night sleep.

Marivic Versalis - Philipphines

Easy Strap workd for my severe knee pain

Five months ago I was suffering from an extremely painful left knee. Each morning the initial bending of my knee was almost unbearable. Arthroscopic surgery had done little to ease/relieve my problem. Having heard very favourable reports in respect of your products I purchased a magnetic knee strap. It only took a very short time before I began to experience an amazing improvement and now I rarely feel any pain in that knee. Having so much confidence in your products I have since purchased magnetic body clips and a magnetic bra strap.

I am an extremely satisfied customer. 

Jean - Mt. Martha

Magnetic Straps for my Knee Pain

I have had a bad knee for some time.I have purchased the strap and I am very happy with it. It is comfortable to wear. I can walk faster and there is less pain. 

Fay C Wheelers Hill

Magnetized Water tastes Wonderful and is good for your health...

I purchased this Yin Yang Magnetic Water Block from a lady at the Mornington Market some months ago. 
I really couldn't understand how this water would be good for me and how you could magnetise water, it seemed a bit far fetched to me.

I decided to give it a try and bought one, as I love drinking good quality water. 
I love the taste, the smoothness of the water and I actually do feel that I have more energy, my skin also seems to look better. 

I am a convert now and tell all my friends about magnetised water.The Yin Yang water magnetic water block is very well made and I know I will have this product for the rest of my life as the magnets won't every lose their effectiveness.  I also took Gerardine's advice and rested my sore feet on the block..... AMAZINGLY effective. Great 2nd use for the water block!
Thanks for persuading me to try it Gerardine, I love love love it!

Edith Meyer - Mt. Eliza

Magnetic Dog Collars WORK!

I have been using these products for over ten years and just recently got a dog collar for our 14year old Boxer cross. She has been suffering stiffness especially in the mornings for some years now and was loathe to run far or play with other dogs. After a week or so of wearing the magnetic collar she was visibly less stiff and now outruns many of the younger dogs which visit us daily. Even our friends comment on how much energy she now has. I can highly recommend these dog collars as well as the body straps. They are in frequent use for ankles & wrists in my household. Keep up the good products!  

Sue Muirhead - Langwarren


For the past 12 Months, I was experiencing hot flushes that progressively increased over time to approx. 8-10 each day. My body temperature fluctuated continually to the point that wearing layers was my only option, as I would strip to a T Shirt during winter and continually turn down the heating.  During the night it became common practice to throw the Doona off, due to regular night sweats. It was only when my husband read an article on Belinda Carlisle and told me to get a Magnet for my underwear.

Initially, I had no idea what he was talking about, but, he insisted I look into it. After searching the internet and reading the successful results from others using Magnetic Therapy, not only in the UK, but also, USA and NZ, I found the Magnetic Attraction site and spoke with Gerradine for quite some time. Upon answering my many questions and sharing her knowledge, although, being my usual sceptic self, I decided to give it a try, as I had nothing to lose. Within the first week, my hot flushes reduced to less than 1 per day. I immediately noticed the improvement throughout the night. No more night sweats, at all.

Third week now and experiencing, on average, only 2 hot flushes per day. I am sleeping incredibly well; in fact, I now snuggle into my hubby for body heat. There are no more family battles with the heating control. I do get the sudden urge to take in fluids, but overall, I am,  not only surprised, but, more than happy with my purchase. For those suffering with relentless hot flushes and night sweats, I highly recommend the magnetic clip.

Posted by Debbie from Eltham - Victoria


Chronic Back Pain Gone...

I have always been very outdoorsy and sporty, from the age of 12-19 I was involved in national level athletics, then there was 600k bike rides and the training to go with them, hockey, camping and four wheel driving.

The pain was there but I ignored it I was not going to let my body dictate to me what I could and couldn't do. 35 years later and of course all those years of abuse and hard knocks were taking their toll. The pain was constant and getting worse and the last 2 years it has controlled my life. I had to give up my beloved sporting activities and even sleeping was an activity I came to dread, not being able to get comfortable at night, constantly waking up in pain and then struggling to get out of bed in the morning. Getting in and out of the car let alone sitting for long periods in it was a nitemare, sitting at my desk at work no fun.  

There were times both day and night where the pain just reduced me to tears.  Over the years I had tried everything, I would hate to think of the cost, and nothing helped, sure there was temporary relief but the pain always came back, doctors who talked surgery at 15 were talking it again something I didn't want a bar of, as it was something they still couldn't guarantee.  

Then a friend told me about magnets and about Gerardine, being a sceptic I dismissed it, and kept suffering.

Then one Sunday at the Berwick Market there was Gerardine and her magnetic stand. I had been at the market for maybe 10 minutes and already my back was dictating that my day was done, I stood talking to Gerardine without indicating my discomfort and decided to buy two magnetic clips (what did I have to lose, 90 day money back if I wasn't happy, why not try it, I was spending more than that each week on massages and the like and they only gave a couple of hours relief)

I clipped on the magnets and I swear within half an hour the pain was abating, was this psychosymatic. We finished the market that day, went onto Bunnings and Coles and then went home and did gardening, by the end of the day the pain was no more than uncomfortable pressure. By the end of the week no pain at all. It was unbelievable, I kept waiting for the 'crash', it never came.

Months later my quality of life has improved 100%.
I cannot tell enough people about them, if they can improve my condition then they can help anyone. All I can say is thankyou Gerardine your magnets are a life saver and you have given me my life back (and my sanity).

Jenny Barrow - Berwick


Menopausal Symptoms Helped!

Posted by Suzanne Lechy - Vic on 18th Jul 2014

I have been having terrible hot flushed for years now and it is soul destroying. I heard about another magnet which was from UK and NZ and that an actress Belinda Carlisle was saying how beneficial it was for her to wear a magnet on her underpants. It was all over the media and lots of people were buzzing about it.

I decided to see if there was something that was from Australia and I found this site. I was happy to be able talk with Gerardine personally, she was so helpful and patient with all my questions, which is a rare thing with the world of technology. 
She suggested that I try the magnetic leather clip that she personally makes here in Melbourne and that the magnet was actually larger and more powerful than the one that was from the UK and NZ.
I guessed with 14 years experience behind her she must know what she is talking about......... I have had this clip for one week and am absolutely thrilled with it. My hot flushes have calmed right down and I am getting less each day. Thanks Gerardine! I love the Magnetic Attraction Magnetic Clip....... I am about to order the Magnetic Water Block and the Knee strap for my husband!


I was introduced to this wonderful little magnetic clip by a friend of mine who swore by it for helping her with her Hot Flushes. I was very skeptical but decided to give it a try as I was suffering badly and my sleep was interrupted most of the night with night sweats. I could not believe it.... within 2 days I was sleeping much much better and my hot flushes were almost to nil. My husband commented that my moods were a bit better....and he would know! :) I recommend that anyone try this clip, not only for the menopausal issues but I used it on my lower back and shoulders and am so so happy with it. I was happy that it was actually made here in Australia.

Posted by Shoana - Middle Park  Jul 2014



After hearing and reading about "menopause magnets" my husband and I decided I should try  one for my Anxiety and other peri-menopause  symptoms.

As he had heard that there was a lady selling them at the Mornington market I dashed down to her in my lunch time break to have a chat. What a wonderful and caring person she is. I purchased a clip magnet. I have had an amazing amount of relief of the Anxiety and feel that my moods have evened out remarkably.

Was fantastic to have someone understand and help. I am very pleased with my magnet and would recommend this product. Thanks Gerardine for your kindness and hugs.  xox

Sue - Frankston

Rotator Cuff Injury

I loved this Magnetic Bamboo Bra Strap Pad. I have had a Rotator Cuff injury for many years. Being a nurse, all the lifting over the years has not helped. My doctor said that there is not a lot he could do. I bought this product at the Berwick Market and found it to be very very comfortable as it is made from Bamboo fibre. My pain has decreased substantially and I can now lift my arm above my shoulders which I have not been able to do for 3 years now. Very Happy!!

Denise - Pakenham

Roland Kurzke - Bendigo Australia - 'drug free pain relief'

I am 62 years of age. Twenty years ago I was involved in a hit and run car accident. I suffered multiple injuries including a stress fracture of the spine. My left leg required pinning also my right pelvis, hip and foot were broken. These injuries prevented me from racing as a professional cyclist. I had to cease work as a spray painter and panel beater. I loved my sport and enjoyed teaching rock n roll which I sorely missed. For years I was a dead man walking, dosed up with all kinds of sleeping tablets as the pain was unbearable. Three years ago I was at the Southbank Market and was introduced to magnetic therapy by Gerry Robinson who makes the magnetic products herself.

She explained how magnetic therapy may be able to help me. I tried the inner soles first, thinking that it was all a load of hoochy coochy stuff, but was amazed as the pain seemed to have eased in my right foot after about half an hour. I decided to purchase an under lay and a pillow insert. Gerry offered me my money back if it didn't work for me, so I took the chance. I am now back at work, dancing, on my bike and pretty soon, I will be back racing again. I no longer take sleeping tablets or pain killers, and it's so great to go back to leading a normal life without any drugs. I know that the magnets have helped me alot. I owe alot to this natural way of healing and I now even drink the magnetic water. Using the magnetic products has definatley changed my whole world around and I feel great!

Gwyn - 'great improvement in Arthritic Dog'

I have to thank you so much on behalf of Rox, our 13 year old Lahsa Apso. She received her Magnetic Attraction collar a couple of weeks ago and she hasn't looked back, so to speak. She is very arthritic, slow moving and was on regular pain treatment. Well, since her 'Magnet moment' she is "happy and perky " and literally "running" around rarely needing any pain relief. We noticed the change within a week and she is back enjoying her romp in the park and she actually jumped up on the bed the other day. This is something her hasn't been able to do for a very long time.
Thanks again, all the best, Gwyn, (Mom of Rox)

A Gryseels - Satisfied Customer - Australia.

My husband, a typical male, was very sceptical about using magnetic products. We were advised about the benefits of the various products by a lady at Magnetic Attraction. As she offered a full money back guarantee with ongoing help via email or phone, he decided to give the knee strap a try. He was amazed at how much relief he received. His knee problems are arthritic and very painful. He needs to wear the Body strap on his knee almost daily while he works to help him with the movement in the joint.

He now also wears a magnetic bracelet for an old wrist injury that he suffered years ago that has also become arthritic, and he wears the innersoles in his work boots. We now also sleep on magnetic underlays which helps increase our circulation for our tired and aging bodies. Thankyou Gerardine (Gerry), life has to go on, and it helps to have products like yours to make it all a bit easier!

A Samson - Warburton East ,Victoria - 'diabetes circulation help'

I am a 57 year old female with diabetes, and was told about the Magnetic Attraction products approx. 5 years ago. Having a lot of work related back and shoulder problems, I now sleep on a magnetic underlay, which I personally find very helpful to ease the pain at the end of the day. There is also a magnetic clip which I can position on my clothing for use during the day which gets right into the problem areas.

Circulation is a problem for most diabetics and the products such as the magnetic innersoles for my shoes and the underlay help to get my blood moving to re-energise the affected areas of my body.

Gerardine, the proprietor of Magnetic Attraction has been a great help always ready to talk to me about any new aches and pains that arise and recommending uses of the magnets to assist me.

I just love my underlay so much I don't leave home without it.

Michele N - Brisbane - 'pain relief from Back Ache'

I had been suffering with a very sore lower back for some time and was told about the Magnetic Attraction leather clip, I purchased one and was very happy with the pain relief that it gave me. One of my friends from work was complaining about her back ache and I let her borrow my clip for the day. She was so surprised at the relief it gave her that she asked me to order one for her straight away. My husband is a Taxi driver and suffered neck and shoulder pains from driving for long periods, I purchased the magnetic necklace for him and he finds that it helps him so much that he won't go to work without it. He has even returned home to collect it if he has forgotten to put in on.

 'Shoulder Pain'

I suffered with shoulder pains on a frequent basis, although I am known for my sceptic nature, I decided that it was worth giving it a try, and purchased a leather magnetic clip from Gerry at Magnetic Attraction in Melbourne, surprise, surprise.....it worked. I was fully expecting to return it saying that it didn't work....I was so wrong. Thankyou for your help Gerry. I will tell everyone that will listen!

JD - Brisbane -


Converted Mr D of Keysborough Vic - 'magnetic pain management works!'

Being an Engineer, I am a bit of a sceptic about anything I can't see, but I had a pain in my neck for about a week, which was caused through lifting a hevy trailer. Gerry lent me a leather magnetic clip, to my surprise, the pain went very quickly and I enjoyed my weekend sailing. I gave the magnetic clip back at the end of the weekend without any thought about how my neck felt, as it felt fine, no pain, but to my surprise for the whole of the next week the pain was back. I ordered one straight away. Magnetic pain management work's! I have also converted my parents who now sleep on an underlay, wear the clips and Mum wears the bracelets for her severe arthritis.

 'magnetic pain relief for Fibromyalgia'

After the birth of my twin girls almost 3 years ago I knew that my symptoms of lethargy and pain were more serious than a tired mum with a work load of now 5 children! My doctor told me I had Fibromyalgia. I was prescribed various drugs for the condition and they have helped, but not a well as I would have thought. My 80 yr old mum suggested I wear one of her clip on magnets which she purchased from Magnetic Attraction at the Southbank Market in Melbourne.

I clipped it on and never really gave it much thought and travelled back to Geelong. Unfortunately I misplaced the clip and the pain and tiredness that had disappeared had come back. I rang my mum in Melbourne and told her that the magnet had worked. The pain was so bad my husband and I, and the children drove back to Melbourne the next day, to purchase a magnetic underlay and a magnetic clip. Within about 1 hour the pain had gone!!! Unbelievable but true. I should have taken mum's advise 3 yrs earlier!!! I will now consult my doctor and ask if I can stop taking the prescribed medication.

P.S. my mum doesn't take any medication! Thanks Gerry I feel fantastic.

Mary Halstead - Vic - Australia


Cilla Heymer - New Zealand - 'Lower Back pain relief with magnetic therapy'

On Sunday, January 28th 2007, a weary looking tourist arrived at the Magnetic Attraction stall at the Artists Market under St Kilda's bridge. I passed the stall several times and even spoke to an assistant but when even the pain killers were not kicking in, I stopped to enquire about the product. It was obvious I was in pain so Gerry suggested a walk round the market using the Magnetic Clip. After 20 minutes, the pain started to subside; was it too good to be true? Psychological and all that stuff? Well with a 3 month money back guarantee, why not buy one and see?

So, that was my introduction to Magnetic Attraction. Now 2 years later I have got Tennis Club friends buying the magnetic clip, knee strap, magnetic soles and I have bought a mattress underlay. A friend from England who visited the Australian Open with me this year has gone home with three magnetic clips for herself and friends. I am being absolutely honest when I say I have not had to use a painkiller for my back since I've had the magnetic clip. My lower back problem is both genetic as well as caused by all my physical activity especially the 5 times a week I play serious Tennis. I'm 62 years young and I feel as if I've got a new lease of life. I can only say, as I did to my friends, try it and see if it works for you. Good luck!"

Happy Customer - New Zealand - 'Health Magents for Back Pain'

I will never forget the day I went to the Artists Market in Melbourne with my back so bad I could hardly walk and I came across a stall with magnetic goods for sale. I overheard the conversation of how this magnetic leather clip could sort out back problems.

I gingerly went and looked at it and this lovely stall holder (Gerardine) saw my pain, but realised that I was also a bit sceptical of magnets as a cure so she offered to let me try out a clip for an hour and then return it if it did not relieve my pain. Well, as they say, the rest is history. Within half an hour I was back a much 'happier chappie' and since then I have sold these clips to friends in New Zealand as well as to friends and family in UK. All I can say is that it has worked for me and I put it on automatically each morning no matter if I'm playing tennis that day or not. As the Dilmah tea ad on TV in New Zealand says "Do try it!"

Margaret- Sydney, Australia - 'Magnetic Dog Collar for Happy Pets'

Our Jack Russell terrier was becoming more and more snappy as she grew older, and we were warning people not to pat her. She would even snap at us, her family, if we bumped her while sitting on the lounge or if we patted her, especially around the head.

By chance, I came across the magnetic dog collars at the Magnetic Attraction stall at the Arts Markets while in Melbourne, and thought I would try one - nothing to lose.

We didn't notice any change for about 3 weeks, then something quite remarkable happened. Our dog was suddenly allowing us to sit right next to her without snapping at us. Gradually we were able to pat her without having her turn on us.

Now, a few months down the track she is 15 years old and displaying some signs of dementia, but she is like a puppy in other aspects. She has a new lease on life, she comes up for pats and even allows strangers to pat her.

The transformation is remarkable.

The collar is the only change we made over that time. She was already on tablets for arthritis and the dosage has remained the same. We have since acquired another Jack Russell and with the collar easing her pain and a newplaymate to run with, Jackie's quality of life has improved enormously.

I would highly recommend the magnetic dog collar to others in similar situations to ours.

Neck Pain helped with Magnetic Clip

Dear Gerardine,

Just writing tolet you know that shortly after clipping a magnetic clip onto my collar, the pain in the back of my neck went away. I was diagnosed with advancedosteoarthritis at the top of my spine about 12 months ago. I am a 55 year old female, and was taking Panadol two to four times a day, just to get relief from the pain.

I can't believe how good it is, I have only taken panadol on two occasions in the last two weeks, since putting on the clip. I feel years younger, as I no longer have to think about the pain, and feeling very old with it. I can only say: absolutely amazing. I will be recommending it to anyone I know who is suffering. Thank you such a million.

Pam Hanley

Taranna, Tasmania


Ruptured Discs

I had a seriousfall and ruptured my L4/L5 disc and several nerves and tendons in my right leg,ankle, foot and most of all the sciatic nerve. I had 2 unsuccessfulsurgeries on my disc in my back and was on a walking stick for 3 years. Ihave been on heavy medication since and am now off the stick for the past 14mths.

I was recommendedto try the Magnetic Body Clip and I have never looked back. I amvirtually pain free and whilst I wear the clip religiously I can go without itfor a day or two still with virtually no pain.

I recommend thistreatment to all that have a back injury. Also works great for gout andreflux. Just pop it near the problem area , sleep on it and the pain isgone overnight.

I have passed thiswebsite on to two of my dear friends who suffer from chronic pain and hope ithelps them as much as this clip has helped me.

Thanks so much Gerardine for your help


Karin Carter.  Frankston Australia

Magnets for my Lower Back Pain

I suffered with lower back pain and sciatic on a daily basis, I am a bit sceptic in nature, I met Gerry at Magnetic Attraction stall in Melbourne at the Sunday Markets, a friend talked me into purchasing one of the leather magnetic clip magnets. I decided that it was worth giving it a try, I can’t explain how it works but surprise, surprise.....it really does work. I have taken very little in the way of pain killers since wearing the magnet and boy I feel great. I have ordered more magnets, I now wear two magnets. Thankyou for your help Gerry.

My Son, Bryce’s hips are a genetic problem much worse than we had expected. We actually thought he was going through growth spurts but it was much worse than that.

He has given up football and has just started playing tennis again, he played on Saturday with his magnets on and he didn’t complain at all about pain, but sat there trying to

Work out how they worked.

Cheers Vanessa

Vanessa Hickman -  Health Information & Promotion Officer  S.A.

 Genetic Hip Problem. 

I am 18 yrs old and had my right hip replaced at 17 and am going to have my left hip done shortly. I suffer from a lot of pain in both hips, Mum brought some magnets from a lady called Gerry from Melbourne. 

I have been taking anti inflammatory tablets daily for nearly 2 years and since wearing the magnets I have hardly taken a tablet. All I can say is it really works, give them a try. The magnets aren’t going to stop me from having my other hip operated on but the pain I was experiencing has lessoned so much. Don’t put up with pain get one of Gerrys magnet clips. 

Thanks Gerry 



Can Feel my feet again.

My father in law always wore runners and thick socks even in the heat of summer, because his circulaion was so bad and his feet were always cold. I brought him some of Gerry's magnetic innersoles and a short time later I noticed he had purchased him self a pair of thongs.He was so pleased he could feel his feet again.

Anne on behalf of Dieter , Endeavour Hills


Magnetic collar saved me a fortune in VET bills

My 10 year old and 15 year old cat are both healthy. They both wear the magnetic collars and have done so since 2003. They don't go near a vet because there has been no need to. Even when the younger one gets in fights and has nasty wounds,they seem to heal in record time,without medication. I credit this to their magnetic collars and the fact that they only drink magnetized water. Thanks Gerry you have saved me a fortune in vet bills.

Anne K. Endeavour Hills

Hip Operation overted!

My mother was told she needed a hip operation and the x rays reavealed how serious the situation was.The doctors had concerns to wether she would survive such a long operation. So they kept putting it off. She purchased magnetic products from Gerry in the form of a neo pad and magnetic water block and magnetic bed pad.She was very skepitical but willing to try the products.She wore the neo pad against her hip, drank the magnetized water and slept on the bed pad. Six months later when she went back to the orthopedic surgeon and had another x ray he couldn't believe the improvement and called his other colleagues in because he didn't believe what he was seeing. The hip had repaired itself and the operation  was cancelled and remains that way 7 years later.

Anne K. Endeavour Hills


Failing Kidneys

My mother was told that she would need a kidney operation. Her kidneys had really deteriorated over the year and she had been put on medication that was only making things worse. She purchased one of Gerrys YIN YANG magnetic water blocks back in 2003 and drank only magnetised water for 2 weeks,but ate normally.She returned to the doctors after those 2 weeks. He said her kidneys were excellent and she no longer needed the operation. She still enjoys drinking the magnetized water, and her kidneys after 8 years are still functioning well. Thanks Gerry for your magnetic wonderful products.

Ann K. Endeavour Hills Vic

Baby's Silent Reflux 

Hi Gerardine,I just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping me with Chloe. The twins (Holly and Chloe) are now 8 months old and I also have a two year old so having three young kids is hard enough without having one suffering from quite a severe case of silent reflux.

I came to see you to buy a clip on magnet for myself - my hips were sore from the twin pregnancy and I also had restless legs at night, and I am happy to say that by moving my clip around from my hips, back and shoulders, I dont get the pains or headaches I had grown accostomed to. But for me and my family the most relief has come from the magnet you put on chloe's chest. She was on 6ml of prescription only Zantac for infants as well as panadol and nurofen to get her to feed and sleep. Before we met you she would literally scream in pain through each and every bottle feed and was not sleeping for more than a few hours (at best) without crying in pain. She has always been a very quiet serious baby needing lots of attention and comfort. The GP we were seeing told me when she was 6 weeks that it was 'normal' and just colic, she would grow out of it by 12 weeks. Finally at 5 months, after trying different formulas, and colic relief medications with not avail, I took her to see my family GP in the city and he diagnosed her with Silent Reflux and he said it was one of the worst cases he had seen in a while. She was put on the Zantac which helped but she would still get upset during her bottles and was still not sleeping through without me getting up to resettle her every few hours. I was still giving her either panadol or nurofen most nights.

We saw you at the market on Wednesday morning when they were about 6 and a half months old. You put a small magnet on her at about 10am and by the time we were heading home at 11.30am she was noticibly happier and more relaxed. And she has not EVER cried through a feed since and has been sleeping 12 hours overnight for the last month!!! But the most amazing part is her nature has changed so much; she is the happiest baby, she is always smiling and laughing (something we rarely saw her do) and she looks forward to feed time by reaching out for her bottle rather than seeing it and crying. Oh and she is now 100% DRUG FREE!!!!

I feel as though you have given my little girl a much happier existance and I can not thank you enough.

Kindest Regards and Many Thanks!!   Jessica Lewis and the rest of the Lewis family who now enjoy a happy house and sleep filled nights!!

Magnets for Lower Back

After hurting my lower back and trying physios, osteopaths, anti-inflammatory pills and pain-killers I decided to try a magnet from Magnetic Attraction (Australia), clipped to the top of my undies at the back. I thought I must be losing my mind to get into such mumbo-jumbo BUT to my surprise my back started to improve from day one and that continues to the present. I have had no problems and wear the magnet constantly.

After hurting my lower back and trying physios, osteopaths, anti-inflammatory pills and pain-killers I decided to try a magnet from Magnetic Attraction, clipped to the top of my undies at the back. I thought I must be losing my mind to get into such mumbo-jumbo BUT to my surprise my back started to improve from day one and that continues to the present. I have had no problems and wear the magnet constantly.

Now I am trying one for the shoulder pain I get from all these years of playing guitar and I am noticing an improvement in less than a day - yes, you read that right!.... less than a day!
They are really effective and just may be a simple way to help with the pain that tends to accompany the repetitive nature of playing musical instruments, as well as other issues.
I would certainly recommend it to anyone. At the risk of sounding like a cheap, shoddy Hollywood advert 'I was amazed!'
Phil Manning (Recording artist, guitarist, blues/roots performer etc and member of Chain)

Magnetic Wrist Strap for  Trigger Finger

I had trigger finger on my left hand which was very painful and since wearing my magnetic leather wrist strap, it is completely cured which is wonderful. I also wear a clip as and where needed which also is a great help. I have lost count of the number of people I have told about it and my friend who has arthritis in her hands, very bad, since wearing her magnetic leather wrist strap, she has found a big difference in her pain level.

Thanks Gerry

Cathleen - from Scotland

Magnetic Pet Bed has increased my dogs mobility

Hi Gerardine

Well here is the report on the Magnetic Pet Bed I purchased from you. She sleeps all night in it and I have noticed an increase in her zest for life and movement inher legs since getting the bed for her. I am very happy with it and so is pooch!

Linda Reynolds.  South Australia

Magnetic Bracelet helps my arthritis

On 24/01/2010, at 8:45 PM, Janet Sheppard wrote:

Dear Gerardine  I meet with you in the Morington Market while I was on holiday earlier this month and told you of the wonderful result I had had with one of your braclets purchased 12 months before. 

I purchased this

(a) because it was attractive and

 (b) because I hoped it would help the arthritis in the base of my thumb.

I do a lot of embrodiery work and computer work and this was affecting my thumb significantly with aching at night.  Well since I put the braclet on I have had no more aching in the joint, and I am able to do more embrodiery work than before without any pain.  The swollen lump at the base of my thumb has almost gone completely.  I can thoroughly recommend this product to anyone.

Again thank you for producing this product.

Yours gratefully, 

Janet Sheppard, New Zealand. 

Magnets Made a difference

Sent: Sunday, July 11, 2010 4:51 PM

Hi Gerardine, 

Am writing to let you know how well we are going with our 'magnets'.   My husband has been wearing the leather magnetic shoe inserts for three weeks and he is nearly pain free from his arthritis.  He also wears a magnetic Body Strap as a knee support and it is also proving wonderful

For myself, I have been wearing the magnetic ankle strap for the three weeks due to tendonitus of the achilles.  As I am not able to take anti-inflamatories, the strap has reduces the swelling and am almost back to normal   Thanks for telling us about your wonderful magnets.


Peter & Monique Yates,  Cranbourne North.


Magnetic Pain Relief for arthritis

Sent: Tuesday, September 10, 2002 9:11 PM

Subject: magnets

Gerardine Robinson  - re letter and  order for some magnets.  

 9th September 2002 

To Whom It May concern 

I am writing this letter to say that I have used the products that Gerardine Robinson (Magnetic Attraction) is producing. I have also used the products from Dick Wicks and even though they did work, I have found the products from Magnetic Attraction worked with an almost instant result. The rare earth magnetics that Gerardine uses are stronger than the ones in Dick Wicks products.

I used the armband from Dick Wicks -Gerardine took all the magnetics out and put one large rare earth magnetic in it, so I went from 18 ferrite magnets to one Rare Earth magnet. The result was quite amazing.

I now use an armband with one magnet, a leather clip for my lower back and a bracelet for my arthritis. 

I now have a knee support and ankle bracelet on order and two bracelets for my mother-in-law for her arthritis. I have also recommended Gerardine’s products to my friends and to my chiropractor; Mr Owen Storrie, who I know, has also decided to take her products on consignment, which I think is a recommendation in itself.

Gerardine is very customer focused, she listens to what your need is, then tries to find an answer for whatever you may require, even if your request is out of the ordinary!

Yours sincerely

Gayle Clement Bentleigh Vic


Achilles pain Relieved with Magnets

I met you last wednesay at the Mornington market and purchased a couple of items including a water block and strap for my ankle with 2 removeable magnets.
I have had amazing relief from my chronic achilles problem, and am 100% impressed !
I have had this problem for about 10 years, and only recently commenced treatment with a wonderful chiropractor who has made a huge difference in a short time, but structurally it will take a while to undo years of damage, and the problem was still about 50% of what it was previously. In the last week the magnets have pretty much eleviated the remaining 50% when resting, and about 30% when walking around. I can't tell you what a relief it has been.  This means I can now do a lot more walking and do other things that had been restricting my lifestyle for years. I will be continuing with my chiropractic treatment to correct the underlying damage in the long term, but to have this immediate relief of pain and swelling in my achiles is really going to help get me more active to assist that treatment as well.

Sarah - Box Hill Victoria

Aching Hip completely pain free!

I would just like to say thank you to Gerry at Magnetic Attraction for the wonderful magnet clip that she produces.   My right hip has been aching recently, so when I travelled to South Australia by car I made sure I wore the clip while driving to keep the ache away.  I also wear the magnetic clip at night and the ache in my hip completely dissappears.   So thank you for devising such a wonderful product.   As a massage therapist I recommend them to all my clients.

 Sara Martin, Director of Saroma Natural Products, Mornington.

No Surgery Required on Cruciate Ligament

I have used the Magnetic Attraction dog collar on my Jack Russell to improve movement and relieve pain, when she had repeated torn cruciate ligaments. I do believe that the magnetic collar helped to heal the ligament although I had been told on numerous occasions that surgery was needed. She now walks without pain, and NO Surgery was needed.I have used the Magnetic Attraction dog collar on my Jack Russell to improve movement and relieve pain, when she had repeated torn cruciate ligaments. I do believe that the magnetic collar helped to heal the ligament although I had been told on numerous occasions that surgery was needed. She now walks without pain, and NO Surgery was needed.

Mirian Cantwell - Mornington Victoria 

Horse Injury helped with Magnetic therapy

I decided  to try magnetic products this path lead me to Gerardine, Magnetic Attraction web site, first I bought the innersoles to help with problems with my feet (both feet being trodden on by  a horse) my  legs  have also had circulation problems and I noticed a difference straight away my legs did not have the feeling of heaviness and a lot less swelling, feet feel normal.  
I have bursitis in both arms also I have a intrusion into my disc all from horse falls I use the underlay on my bed and pillow no aches or pains at night wake up feeling refreshed, energetic and flexible. I am not taking my arthritis medication any more. I did have two clips gave one to a friend (male) to try have not seen it since they will not return it this person is not so sceptical anymore. I use the clip during the day for my back as I work at a desk all day, relieves my back pain and stiffness. Recently I went camping and I took my pillow and bed underlay no problems the next morning after sleeping in a sleeping bag on the ground. My magnetic products are like a second skin never go anywhere without them Thanks Gerardine for your products and your attention and help with my inquiries when I have any.

Susan Elvins - Tanilba Bay, NSW

Arthritic Cat is now running around like a Kitten again!

Hello Gerardine,..... The magnetic pet blanket I recently purchased has had remarkable affect on our cat Charlotte, who has suffered from arthritis in her front legs for several years.

After having a few sleeps on the blanket she now runs around like a kitten again with no more stumbling. Charlotte is 11 years old and so the outcome of using the blanket couldn't be more positive. Thank you Gerardine for helping to relieve charlotte's pain.

 all the best, Graham Shultz.- Mornington Vic

Magnetic Therapy Clip helped Lower Back Pains.

I have suffered from low back pain for the last 15 years. Over that time period  I have had to have two back surgeries for bulging disc and pain radiating down my legs.  I found the magnet clips on line and decided to try them.. They work great!  No problems with them staying in place, even while playing golf! 

So far I would say that I am very pleased with their pain relieving effects.


Gregory Nemecek - OHIO USA


WOW 20 Years of Backpain Gone!

I would just like to say a Big Thank you for the clip that I purchased for my back. I have been seeing a variety of Doctors and experts over the last 25 years and have had no relief at all. I make stained glass windows and I am leaning over a bench each day to do this, sometimes at the end of the day I am beside myself and sometimes in tears as the pain has been so bad. Since wearing my clip I have been totally pain free, I can't praise this product enough. 
I have just purchased a collar and a mat for my dog, who is getting on a bit and I will let you know how things progress in the near future. Keep up the good work, I just wish I had found this product 20 years ago.

Thank you Ingrid


Magnetic Clips for Shoulder Pain

I have had trouble with pain in my shoulders for 8 years and the only option offered by my doctor was surgery. Now I use these magnet clips I feel no pain or have the need for medication and best of all no surgery! Thanks Magnetic Attraction!!!
Keep up the good work.
Scott Rowley

Magnetic Knee Strap helps my knee pain!

Dear Gerry

With all the people you meet I am not sure whether you will remember me.

My name is Sylvia and my husband Mike. We met you in Mornington market on 12th September , last.

I was having difficulty in walking and was worried because we were flying from Australia to Dubai the following Sunday.
You spoke to us and explained about the magnets and straps. Mike purchased the knee strap from you and I walked away wearing it.
I must admit I was very sceptical about using it, but I was in great discomfort so thought might as well try it.

Within  hours of putting it on I had some relief, and as the time has passed my knee is so much better. Even after the thirteen hour flight
I was able to walk quite comfortably from the plane.

I still wear it for walking, which we do a lot of. We go dancing at weekends, and there again I have no problem if I wear the strap. I don't always wear it indoors because I feel I can manage without it.
I would only be too pleased for you to use my email on your website. I have already been 'singing' your praises to people I know,especially when they see I have been walking and dancing for hours!
I for one would prefer to use your products rather than drugs.

I am just so glad we saw you in Mornington market that morning, and I thank you and the strap for giving me back the ability to move freely again.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


Magnetic Leather Wrist Straps


Great product - I bought one from you at the market a few years ago when holidaying in the area.  Had many 'fun' experiences of wiped credit cards and hotel door keys, however, the product works a treat for my arthritis.

Barry Keen


Disc Injury helped with Magnetic Clip

"Gerardine has provided me with heaps of relief with the Clip Magnet. I had a serious fall 10 years ago and injured my L4/5 Disc and was on a walking stick for 3 years. Since using my Clip Magnet and other therapies I can enjoy my life again. Small amounts of pain still experience but this has made my quality of life far easier to enjoy. 
Thanks Gerardine from Karin Carter"

These Magnets Really Work

I have been using & promoting the magnets that Gerardine personally produces since the day I met her, about a year ago. I am in the fitness industry & something is always sore.



The clip magnet is very beneficial for my low back pain & neck/shoulder area. I clip it on & forget about it, & always end up in much less discomfort. I also sleep on an underlay & drink the magnetized water every day & wouldn't be without it again!



My husband also wears the strap just below his knee for his varicose veins. As a bus driver the magnets help to reduce the aching & swelling every day!



Beware, not all magnets are equal in quality. Gerardine can proove in an instant the strength & value, so non believers...get on board!  



Deb from Mornington



Restored Mobility with Magnetic Dog Collar

My dog Savannah has had a crucial Ligament replacement and has since recovered from the surgery . Unfortunately her other leg had weakness and she has had difficulties sitting and lying down without discomfort and pain. My vet mentioned trying the magnetic collar and said it may help .It is now over a fortnight and i have watched her mobility, agility improve where her sitting and lying down is done smoothly. She appears happierand her walking, trotting there is now, no sign of a definite limp prior to the collar.

I will happily promote this excellent product!!



Belinda Warfield - Cairns 7th Feb 2013


Cracked Vertebrae pain gone.

I ordered a split clip a few weeks ago after being told, and trying it out for 10 mins, by a friend who had bought one from Geradine at the Melbourne Market whilst on holiday. I was travelling from the top of the North Island to the bottom of  the South Island a few days after ordering it. That was a good way of testing the theory attached to the magnet.  I had the magnet sent to my brothers house on Christchurch so I  could pick  it up there.I took Celebrex for 5 days before, and while, travelling down to Christchurch, and when I arrived on the 27th February I attached the split clip to the back of my underwear, across the back of my bra strap where my degeneration causes pinched nerve pain. I had taken the last Celebrex on the morning of 26th February.It took a wee while before I realised that the nerve pain had GONE!!!!I wore it for the next few days while travelling  and then decided to attach the magnet onto my underwear over my lower spine. After a while I was relieved of THAT pain too!!I have to tell you that we were travelling in a 1970 Alfa which does not have the soft suspension of a modern car and my sitting position of having my legs out in front of me causes a problem in my lower back as I have spondylosis in my spine and neck and have had it for years.I would like to thank you , Geradine, for allowing me to continue with my life knowing that I now have the tool  to live it to the MAX!!!! Bless you and I would like everyone who reads this to know that the magnets WORK and after suffering for 40 years with my neck and back I feel FREE!!!

Angela - New Zealand  12/3/2013

Relief from Arthritis in Knee and Wrists.

Hi Gerardine I have arthritis in my hands and knees and have found the magnetic straps good, either for the knee or wrist, a lot better than taking a pain tablet, particularly if left on over night. I have recommended the magnetic straps to a number of other people including my daughter.

Annette from Canberra.

Relief from Lower Back Pain 

My G.P suggested and recommended the Magnetic Leather Clip for my lower back problems.I was surprised and continue to be pleased with the pain almost alleviated after the first week. A year later, I am now buying a clip for my sister as I happily recommend them for comfortable, ongoing pain relief. 

Dee - Melbourne

Magnetic Dog collar for Prolapsed Disk

Our seven year old Miniature Schnauzer suffered prolapsed disk issues in his lower back and the pain could only be controlled by medication and by limiting his physical activity- not really ideal.
While buying a magnetic bracelet for my wife, we noticed Gerardine had magnetic dog collars on offer.
Desperate to make our dog's life better, we decided to get one for him. Within a week we were able to wean him off the medication and he now shows no indications of pain.
We need to be careful with him still and don't let him jump from heights and we lift into the car but we are convinced that his magnetic dog collar has improved his quality of life out of sight.
If you have a dog with similar problems, trying one of these will certainly not hurt - give it a go!

John and Debbie


Magnets Relieved Shoulder and Elbow Pain

I purchased the magnets for a pain that I had in my shoulder and elbow that I have had for a long period of time..  I had tried Bowen MassageTherapy and various other forms of massage and was at my wits end as to what to try next.  My job is very busy and I didn't have the luxury (or money) to have a massage two or three times a week to try and keep the pain at bay.  

In desperation I searched the internet for alternative forms of pain relief and came across Magnetic Attraction.  I was skeptical to say the least but thought I would give it a go.  I received my magnets within a day and put them on them straight away - once again I was skeptical when I read that I should start feeling relief within an hour - amazingly the pain started to ease within 30minutes and I was a complete convert!!!!!  

I now tell anyone who will listen about how wonderful the magnets are.  I even purchased a magnetic collar for my dog who had surgery on his legs and he is like a new pup!  I have purchased magnetic inner soles as well.  

Thankyou Gerardine for your wonderful help when purchasing from your site.  I couldn't live without my magnets!

Annie Sutton


Magnetic Clip has helped my Back Pain

"I have been meaning to comment on this product for quite some time. I can't begin to explain just how beneficial these magnets are to my everyday lifestyle. So many ppl have suggested to me that maybe it's psychosomatic, obviously non-believers but how can anyone judge unless trying it first. I used to get a dreadful burning sensation in my heels from wearing steel cap shoes, standing on concrete flooring all day until I used the magnetic inner soles. Best thing I ever did. I also have 3 clip on magnets. I always wear one for scoliosis and arthritis in the spine and occasional one on my collar for my neck, the other my husband (being a once non-believer) scored. I highly recommend these to ANYONE. Trust me when I say, these are NO pharmacy or cheap Nic-Nac store magnets, I've tried them all. If I could get a full neck to toe bodysuit I would...Trust yourself and give it a go."

Christine Halls Barron - Victoria


I had relief from Back Pain, Arthritis and Shoulder Pain by using Magnetic Attraction Magnets

I have been using a Magnetic clip for a painful shoulder, for months now and love it, I now have full movement back in my arm and shoulder.  So thought I would try one for my lower back pain and it was no surprise how well it worked, and no lower back pain.  I also have a leather bracelet that I wear for Arthritis in my wrist, it is the best, I never take it off. My daughter also had lower back pain so I gave her mine too try and she now swears by it. She doesn't need to take any painkiller which is a big plus.


Debbie - Burwood Vic 

I love my Magnetized Water!

I used to buy bottled water because my newly cleaned tank water still needed something.  I would add lemon and enjoy it that way, but I knew I wasn't drinking enough water.
Since I have been using the magnetic blocks to magnetize my water, I enjoy drinking water again.  It is silky and a pleasure to drink.
Great product.  Thank you.

Avril - Queensland


Magnetic Therapy - What a Relief!

I had such a pain and deep ache in my side that my doctor had begun prescribing strong pain-killers. It had reached the stage that I was struggling to manage the simple day to day living tasks. My daughter recommended a magnetic clip and within a couple of days I cancelled my next appointment at the doctors because I was free from pain. Thank you, Gerry!  

Jo - Melbourne


Fantastic Magnetic Therapy Clip

I have  awful   back pain and will  need an operation.  I have been taking  several  pain killers  each day for months.  I purchased  the magnetic  clip and in 2 weeks  I have only taken 2 tablets .....and that after a long day  shopping.I would recommend  these  clips wholeheartedly.  I am amazed in the relief I get from wearing one.  Thank you.

R Barber - NSW



Magnetic therapy Products really work!

Dear Gerardine  i've been using your products for 3 years now, and they are truly amazing.
I know I was a total sceptic at first and I am so sorry that I didn't try them earlier now.
 I started with your magnetic inner soles, as i had very cold feet and bad circulation. and, as you said, they increased my circulation, my feet always feel warm, and a callus growing on my sole, which i had to cut off all the time, hardly grows at all.  
Because of this bad circulation, when i sleep, i would get cramp in my feet, so i tried your easy strap. I wrapped it around my foot, i couldn't believe how quickly it was relieved. now i put the straps on my feet when i go to bed every night, and no cramp!  
Just recently i had very bad cramp in my left foot, it was really beating the power of  the magnets in the easy strap, and i couldn't get to sleep, i thought, maybe i need more power, i had just got one of your clips for my back, its a bigger and stronger magnet, so i put that under the strap. it was unbelievable, just a few seconds, cramp gone. 
I now use your products all over my body, my doctor has even noticed that i have cut down on my pain medication scripts. 
By the way, I burned myself in the kitchen by grabbling the bottom of a saucepan that had just come off the gas burner, and straight away put my hand in my magnetised water and put the Vinyl covered magnet with the green side facing onto the burn. I could not believe it, the pain went away AND there was no sign at all of any burn there in the morning. I was absolutely stunned that this would work. So now I always have the vinyl magnet sitting on the fridge just in case I burn myself again.
I love you magnet girl!
Keith- the Basin, Victoria

Wonderful Product! - Magnetic Leather Clip

I suffered with lower back pain on daily basis for long time. In March this year I bought a  leather magnetic clip for back on Wednesday Mornington market. My pain disappeared in 3 days. Then I travelled to Europe and on my way back I forgot my magnet in basket undergoing airport control. After 3 or 4 days my lower back pain was back again, so I went back to Mornington market get new one and again, my lower back pain disappeared in 3 days. Wonderful product!
Slavka Greif

Magnetic Wrist Strap - it works

I have developed what I think is arthritis in one of my joints on my pointer finger. It presented as a dull ache radiating up my arm. I was constantly aware of it and found myself rubbing it all the time. I bought a magnetic wrist band at the Berwick Market and thought I would give it a go.

WELL I have not taken it off since. I still have a little weakness in my finger however I don't have the constant ache and awareness off my finger. Amazing really. I think I am going to buy more in different colors:) 

Thanks from Deborah

Magnetic Bracelets for Arthritis and Aching joints

Dear Gerardine
I meet with you in the Morington Market while I was on holiday earlier this month and told you of the wonderful result I had had with one of your braclets purchased 12 months before. 
I purchased this
(a) because it was attractive and
(b) because I hoped it would help the arthritis in the base of my thumb.
I do a lot of embrodiery work and computer work and this was affecting my thumb significantly with aching at night.  Well since I put the braclet on I have had no more aching in the joint, and Im able to do more embrodiery work than before without any pain.  The swollen lumb at the base of my thumb has almost gone completely.  I can thoroughly recommend this product to anyone.
I need to organise a magnetic band for my daughter and granddaughter who both have weak ankles, and have difficulty with sports as a result of this.
Again thank you for producing this product.
Yours gratefully,
Janet Sheppard, New Zealand.

Recovery from Hip Surgery
I purchased the Magnetic Clip from Magnetic Attraction, to assist my recovery from hip surgery the first night I used the clip I did not have to take any pain medication. I was amazed and now I wear it day and night. Thank you!

Natalie from Bayswater Victoria.

Magnetic Easy Strap worked!

I recently stumbled and fractured my elbow, and was in a lot of pain but would not take drugs. As faith would have it, I went to the Berwick market, where I met Gerardine the founder of Magnetic Attraction. We started to talk and she soon worked out that I was in a lot of pain. Gerardine put a magnetic Easy Strap on my wrist as we were talking. After a short time I realised that the magnets were giving me relief, I was in much less pain than 15 minutes prior.

I was so happy, I bought the strap and gave her a big hug to thank her. The Truth is "Magnetic Attraction" products work!  No Drugs, I am so happy. 2 weeks later I have so much more movement in my whole arm. I am very impressed with this product!

Thank you so much Gerardine


Else van Wisse - Narren Warren


Very Satisfied User of Magnetic Therapy Clip

We have been using the clip on magnets now for about 12 months. We both have received great relief  as well as reducing the need for medication.We would recommend the magnetic therapy clips to anybody suffering from body pain.All of the items you show on your site would be of great help and comfort to a great many users.

We recommend this Magnetic Attraction site and your products to all. 
thank you Gerardine. 

Lenore NSW


Magnetised Water Block

I could not believe how good the magnetised water would taste, it is so silky smooth to drink and I am feeling like I have more energy for some reason. I also am more regular with my elinination each day which has been a problem for many years.

I don't buy bottled water anymore. This block has saved me a fortune in buying water! I love it!  If anyone is thinking about trying it out, do yourself a favour and just do it!

Thanks Gerardine, I love all of your products, and I have most of them now.


Hanna - Melton.

Absolutely Amazing for Diabetic Neuropathy.

I am a 25 year old female with neuropathy in my feet due to diabetic complications.I found out about these Magnetic Attraction products through a friend showing me at the Berwick market,  and he said it was one of the best products he has ever used.
So i brought one and i havent taken it off since.  I am usually on the maximum amount of multiple painkillers a day,  and since the first day I am now on very little, so after two weeks of just having one strap on one ankle, I decided to goto the Mornington Market and buy another one for the other foot.  I  permanately wear one on each foot, and I could rave on and on about these straps and   how great they are,  and the benefits of them  but they speak for themselves. Gerry is amazing,  she has been so helpfu land knowledgable  towards my situation  thanks Gerry!

Jacqui - Victoria

Less Stressed with magnetic Dog Collar

I purchased a magnetic dog collar for my mini dachshund who is very anxious and in her old age has early signs of arthritis. We had recently moved and she appeared more stressed and unsettled but since I purchased the magnetic collar she seems more settled and calm. I hope that it will also help the arthritis but I cannot tell as she shows no physical signs. However I am so impressed with the collar I have bought one for my other dog and am hoping it will help him with his general week being as we'll.


Karen - Queensland


From Skeptic To Believer

I was originally a sceptic of the magnetic therapy as yet another gimmick, but the pain in my back was so bad I just thought "what the hell, I can get my money back if it doesn't work". I followed the directions, wore it all day and night. After the first week, I thought "what a joke", second week the same, third week I'm thinking I haven't noticed the pain as much then by the fourth week, there was no pain unless I twisted oddly. It has now been almost 6 months and I have been pain free in my lower back and able to do all sorts of activities without any problems at all, where previously anything sent my back into severe spasms.
Best $50 I've ever spent!

Posted by Rob Parfrey on 19th Apr 2014


Magnetic Therapy Clip Worked!

About 4 years ago I injured my hip, I have had physio, ligament manipulation, ultra sounds and xrays but nothing was found that could be treated. My hip clicks when I walk and had become so painful that it had caused a limp and temptation to undergo the steroid injections my GP had said would be the only thing that may help with the pain.

I have previously tried other magnet products which did not really help and have to admit to being among the sceptical; I have heard you talk of your magnets on many occasions, in particular the Rare Earth powerful magnets that you use. After seeing you speak with many of your satisfied customers at a market I decided to give the magnetic clip a try. I cannot explain my amazement, within a couple of hours my pain had started to dissipate and by the next day it had gone.

I must confess that I stopped wearing it for a few weeks; I felt the pressure building again and noticed a slight limp as well, time to dig out that magnet and keep wearing it. So much easier and less painful than injections.

Thanks Gerry xx

Annette, Wandin North Vic

Magnetic Knee Strap

12 months ago i purchased a magnetic knee strap at Mornington market. 

Like most I was sceptical but gave it a go.After sitting for along period i could hardly move. the strap gave me pain free movement which I could hardly believe.

Iam now in process of buying wrist bands to try.



Frozen Shoulder Helped with Magnetic Clip!

We received the magnetic clip at Maroochydore on Monday morning, thankyou very much - we are now back in NZ and will certainly be telling everyone how much it helped my husbands frozen shoulder - it took only overnight for him to move his shoulder above his ear - which he has not done for some weeks.

thanks again,carol.- New Zealand


Arthritis in Hip helped with Magnetic Clip.

Double gratitude today all thanx to Gerardine Robinson and her amazing magnets I'm now 6 weeks of virtually being pain free! 

After enduring the last 2 yrs of interrupted sleep from pain of arthritis in my hip and only being able to sleep on my back ! I now sleep through the night and can turn with only minor discomfort which is getting better and better each day even with the inset of chilly winter!! 

I'd highly recommend these quality magnets and the sound advice from Gerry.

Sincere gratitude xxxx


Mary Tropeano - Melbourne


Magnetic Dog Collar helped my Dog

My girl has benefited from her magnetic collar for about 4 years now, I totally recommend this as I've seen the benefits, thank you! 



Magnetic Clip was great for my Husbands shoulder pain.

My husband has been so delighted with your product - he did not wear it for 2 days - as I was using his due to a bad back, and immediately his frozen shoulder returned - and hey presto wore the 'clip' and within 2 hrs his shoulder was back moving freely!

Carol - New Zealand


Magnetic Clip - Pillow Pad - Bracelet

I have been very happy with the clip and the pillow cover. I also really like the bracelet - it looks good and seems to help too! At the moment my cousin has it, so I either need to encourage her to get one from you or to retrieve it from her!.I wear the clip everyday, and i notice a difference if I should forget to put it on. My shoulder is definitely easier when i wear it.

The pillow cover is good, not obtrusive at all, I have been sleeping well; restfully which has not always been the case for me, so I’m happy with the outcomes!.

The clip is robust, extremely well made, and easy to use. The pillow cover is the same, and is easily packed if I should sleep away for a night. 

Thanks Geraldine for putting a quality product on the market at affordable prices, enabling everyone the opportunity to use this alternative way of helping the body.

Regards,Daniele Melbourne


I Love the Magnetic Leather Clip

Over many years I have been  a sceptic about alternative treatments - until I tried your magnetic clip!!!! 

I am a golfer of many years and with the frozen shoulder it was a problem getting a good score at golf, now I am back to normal and like all golfers have a story to tell at the 19th hole.Best wishes - keep up the good work!

Thanks Gerardine, great product!



"Pain in Thumbs 'GONE'.

Hi Gerardine,
For the past 12 months I have suffered disturbing pain in both thumb joints. Purchase of a small metal wrist band from a retail outlet, containing limited number of magnets, did not improve the position.

A friend who has received total relief of arthritic pain in a number of joints, from your products, informed me of your business. Some 6 weeks ago you assisted in fitting me with two of your magnetic wrist straps. Where is the pain now? What I would assess as a pain factor of 5 out of 10 has been reduced to practically zero. 
Many thanks for you help and guidance.

Jim Grocott


Hi Gerardine. 
Tahj is loving his newly renovated bed. It seems once he lets himself settle on it for the night he sleeps very soundly which for his bad leg is optimal. I have shown several people our lovely product & shared your business card with my vet who is quite open to hollistic ideas for animals. I hope she will share my experience with other clients. I've attached an amusing pic of Tahj's half on half off approach on a warmer day

A big thanks to Gerardine of Magnetic Attraction for her fantastic custom made magnetic dog mat/bed. With careful thought & consultation Gerardine produced a product which fitted into my Siberian Husky Tahj's existing bed & will double as a wonderful travel mat in our car on long trips. We are managing his arthritic knee joint as best we can but have indeed noticed an improvement in his morning knee stiffness & mobility. We know he is definitely enjoying a much more comfortable & restful nights sleep. I would happily recommended Gerardine's magnetic products for pets. :-)

Sally Caire - South Australia

Small Magnetic Clip works Wonders

My wife Pauline bought one of the small clips in purple. Apon wearing it she advised me within minute's that the pain was disappearing. She wore it on lower back clipped to her underwear and had a pain free lower back.  She also wore it clipped to bra strap and necklace for neck pain relief. All places she used this amazing small magnetic clip she advised me that there was no more pain. Now Pauline tells everyone who is in pain to try these amazing magnets and how Gerry is so friendly and easy to talk to. :-) Happy Husband - QLD


I bought this clip a few months ago and I didn't want to put a review on here until I knew that this was not all in my mind.  After I bought the clip at the Wednesday Mornington Market, I tried it for several issues I had. Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Hot Flushes, poor sleep, mood swings, you name it I was suffering with it. My poor partner was putting up with me whinging all the time.  

I had seen this lady, Gerardine at the Mornington market for at least 10 years now and never really believed that magnets would work for me. I decided to give it a go as she was offering a Full Money Back Guarantee if I was not happy.  My partner could not open his wallet fast enough to pay for it with the hope that he would have a more peaceful life.Well, I am so glad to report that it WORKED in all the areas I had issues with.  AMAZED!!! I wish I had of stopped at your stall years ago now. THANK YOU!!!!

Gazelle - Mt Eliza 

Good for Back Pain

Im not good speaking English but I very happy wearing this little magnets. I tell my friends and they also buy some. The lady help me with telling me were I can wear this little magnet. I am happy now I no have pain. Buy some from her.Good.

Lucy from St. Albans

Magnetic Dog Collars is Great

The Magnetic Dog Collar is doing great Roxy our Rotty is moving very well and not on any medication.


Gastric Reflux and Heart burn help.

I started wearing this clip about 2 years ago to help me with my heartburn and acid stomach. I have not taken Nexium since 2013. So so happy!

Henriette - Vic