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img-2953.jpgMagnetic Health Therapy

Australian Designed, Made and Owned!

Magnetic Attraction is a fully owned and operated Australian business, located in Belgrave South in Victoria.

If you wish to contact me you can call me on 03 9754 1858 or my mobile 0404 861 185 and ask for Gerardine Robinson (proprietor). 

We have been producing quality magnetic therapy products since 2001, and are developing new and innovative magnetic health therapy products on a regular basis.

All products on our site are hand made here in Australia in our Belgrave South Workshop. 

We design and produce our unique range of UNIPOLAR products using only the highest quality materials, including powerful Rare Earth (Neodymium) Permanent magnets.

Our magnetic products are all Color Coded, Reversible and have Multiple Uses, so you, the client, has total control over your pain relief. NORTH FACING magnetic field UNIPOLAR products ensure that your body is being treated to the ALKALINE field of the magnet.

The NORTH or negative side of the magnet has a calming, cooling, soothing, ALKALINE energy.

The SOUTH or positive side of the magnet has an activating, warming, ACIDIC energy.

It is important to keep your pH levels balanced in your body. A body with too much acid can show increased signs of pain, acid reflux, lactic acid build-up in your muscles, increased growth of viruses and bacteria, increased arthritic pains etc.

Using your magnetic products with the NORTH/ALKALINE side facing your body has been reported to assist in neutralizing the acidity. We have had many reports from our clients that have stated that they no longer use the Gastric Reflux medication, and that the instances of heartburn have diminished whilst using our MAGNETIC CLIP. Some clients have reported lessoned anxiety attacks whilst wearing the clip on their neck or chest.


We offer our clients friendly and personalised service, the way it used to be. We pride ourselves in always keeping our customers satisfied and being magnetic therapy specialists.

After sales advice and ongoing up to date information is always available. Many of our customers have become personal friends, as we treat each and every customer with the respect and attention that they deserve.

To make sure that you are entirely happy with our product, we offer you a full 100% money back guarantee.

Wear your products for 80 days to give your body a chance to go through a healing process.

If you are not completely satisfied after wearing your product for 80 days, return it within 3 months of purchase.

If you need help or have questions,  simply contact us and we will address your issues. If we cannot offer an alternative magnetic product that suits you better, we are happy to refund your full purchase price.
Our first consideration always, is to assist you with your ailment, to achieve relief or minimisation of your pain or discomfort.

We don't just sell a product we offer a complete service!

If you have any special requirements or would like one of our magnetic products made in a different size, or would like a custom made product for example, for your wheelchair, office chair, dog bed etc, we are always happy to discuss the options with you.

You are welcome to make an appointment to come to my workshop in Belgrave South to discuss your needs and select your products.

Retirement Villages

We are available to do a talk about magnets and general health and wellbeing, to the residents of the Retirement Villages and products are available on the day.  CALL TO BOOK A DATE! 

Mobile:  0404 861 185